Perfect Darts Weights For Effective Throws

You find playing darts quite interesting, and you are taking the very first step towards learning how to master it.

After buying a set of dart games, do you consider the playing skill and the material to have a great beginning but find it too difficult to practice?

In this post, we will mention the darts weights for the playing skill. Darts weights are one of the factors you should pay attention to, and you can collect all the needed information about this factor in this piece of writing.

What Causes A Darts Weight To Differ?

Although skills play an important role in maneuvering the darts, the dart’s weights also affect the orbit. That’s why today, we help you focus on the weights. Whoever you are, a skilled player or a starter, it’s necessary to learn about the weight to control your casting power and throwing technique.

The main cause of the difference in the weight of the entire dart is the material. In today’s market, you will be easily confused with plenty of darts. It’s not simple to make a decision when you are a beginner.

Before bringing home the best darts with the appropriate weight, you should know that there are two general kinds of materials making darts: steel darts and soft darts. Let’s dig deep for more information about them.

Steel Tip Darts

As for their names, we can guess the steel darts are heavier than the soft ones. As the material of the boards is from wood or plastic, the steel tip is still fine as long as the boards are not damaged when the darts pin deeply on them.

The weight of this dart ranges from 18 grams to 23 grams if the tip is bass steel and from 23 grams to 26 grams for the tungsten steel tip. The legal weight limit should be under 50 grams.

Soft Tip Darts

How about the soft darts? The main reason why the soft darts are lighter is that they are designed to impact the electric boards. The heavyweight of darts will break the point of contact.

People make the soft darts heavier than their previous standard; from 12 grams, soft tip darts can get 20 grams. This kind of dart’s current common weight is changed in the space from 16 to 20 grams; besides, soft darts don’t exceed 25 grams.

Which Gram Is Suitable For Each Kind Of Dart?

We think you have a favorite kind of dart for yourself. However, you have not chosen a suitable weight for your dart yet. Try it from heavy to light, and you can find a great weight range for your style.

Regarding steel tin darts, darts from 22 to 27 grams are suitable, especially darts from 23 to 25 grams are good for beginners. Because of heavy darts, it will take you more power to control the darts and how to pin the boards. You can refer to the dart players’ darts weights. Based on the majority, you could choose a proper weight with you.

  • Gerwen, Michael van (23 Grams)
  • Anderson, Gary (23 Grams)
  • Wright, Peter (20 Grams)
  • Lewis, Adrian (21 Grams)
  • Chisnall, Dave (22 Grams)
  • Wade, James (20 Grams)
  • Taylor, Phil (26 Grams)
  • Klaasen, Jelle (22 Grams)
  • Suljovic, Mensur (23 Grams)
  • Barneveld, Raymond van (25 Grams)

They are some useful examples for your choice, aren’t they? We hope that you have already made a decision. If you are still confused, let’s consider the soft tip darts.

As we mentioned above, the weight could break the dartboard. That’s why we recommend you dart under 19 grams. And most players usually choose 18-gram-darts. This weight is a middle standard, not so light or heavy, so this is also the ideal weight for the starters.

Can We Change The Darts Weights?

It’s possible. Actually, a dart includes a few parts that you can take apart and replace. For example, you can change the barrel to change the weight you can control. We will show you some parts of the darts in the heading below to know more about them. Then, you can alter the dart parts as your requirement.

What Parts Of The Darts Do Affect The Weight?

darts equipment


There are four main parts to a dart, but we concentrate on three main elements, which affect almost the dart’s weights.

First, the dart barrel is the center of the dart, and most of the dart’s weight gathers here. Your hand will touch directly and control this part, so this is a critical item. As we mentioned above, if you want to change the weight of the darts, you can use another barrel with different material or length.

Second, the dart shaft plays a role as a connection between the barrel and the flight. The shaft could be a bit heavy because of its material.

The plastic shaft has the least effect on the dart’s weight. Besides, when you want to change the weight, change the length of the shaft. Of course, this change will affect the flight line of the dart.

Finally, the dart tip is in direct contact with the board, and they should pin keep the dart on the board. This part affects a small balance of the darts’ weight.

Conclusion: Have You Got A Dart For Yourself?

Certainly, you have a choice for yourselves, and now you can learn how to choose suitable darts weights and how to play darts.

Make sure you are satisfied with the darts types and weights, then you will practice with your darts regularly. Soon, you will become a more professional darts player.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021 by Drake Lambert

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