Nodor Supawire 2 Review: Is It A Good Bristle Dartboard?

It is safe to say the Nodor Supawire 2 Bristle Dartboard is among the most reliable names in the dartboards.

Why is it so prestigious?

Have you ever wondered about the reasons?

Today, we will give you a comprehensive Nodor Supawire 2 Bristle Dartboard review, so that you can find the answer on your own.

Nodor Supawire 2 Regulation-Size Bristle Dartboard with...
  • Regulation-size bristle dart board ideal for tournament, tavern, or home use
  • Endorsed by the American Dart Organization for tournament use
  • Complete staple-free SupaBull bulls-eye with improved scoring area
  • SupaWire bands and dividers help minimize bounce-outs
  • Measures 17.75 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick; 1-year warranty

Detailed Review

Initially, we will take a look at the manufacturer Nodor. You might not know this, but Nodor is the bristle dartboard investor having made boards since the year 1932. The manufacturer now keeps making various best quality dartboards in the market.

This is one of them. This board comes with some minor updates from its original variant. On this board, scoring areas are reduced by a half, which allows higher scores and more precision necessary for shooting. Also, its number ring can rotate, leading to less wear and tear, as well as reduced impacts. The last change is its bulls-eye area is staple-free for improved scoring. We would say this is a great dartboard that can make a great addition to every outdoor fun area and game room.

Boasting high durability and craftsmanship, this one is an ideal choice giving any player hours upon hours of playing.

Regarding its specifications, the dartboard is available with four color variants, including black, red, green, and white. It is 1.5 inches in thickness and 17.75 inches in diameter. Its target area is 13.25 inches.

We will now dive into the advantages and disadvantages to better know about this amazing product.


Pros & Cons

Initially, we are really impressed with its wires when it comes to how these wires have an edge to them. However, we do not prefer their thickness. Also, the staples make for more metal surfaces to bounce back at users. They should have deflected it into the board.

Plus, the quality is great. It comes with fiber density, surface finish, bright colors whose segments perfectly line up under diving wires. All the above-mentioned features are as amazing as the higher-end options. Additionally, this board also features mounting hardware.

Another plus point is that it is easy to set up after buying and works well. That said, the mounting hardware can be slightly beefed up. In addition, the board doesn’t have a cabinet or darts.

Furthermore, the dartboard comes with visible stapes which hold the wire lining the numbers in places.

What we also like about this product is the ease when we pull the darts out after we throw.

The darts used with the bristle boards like the Nodor Supawire 2 should be equipped with a steel tip and brass-made or tungsten-made body to provide better performance. This is because you know by bow it doesn’t have any dart.

And while they are probably slightly dangerous, the darts offer a real playing experience. The regulation-sized board is an ideal option for any game enthusiast.

It is worth mentioning that the product is endorsed by the American Dart Organization for its superior quality.

The dartboard comes with East African sisal fibers, which are woven tightly to offer great healing. Plus, the bull’s eye is free of a staple for better aiming. Also, it has a number ring that can be removed and hardware easy to mount to get the dartboard up for play in no time.

The Nodor Supawire 2 Bristle is made of high-quality sisal fiber and specially processed for class, which enhances durability and consistency. The board can also add a level of class and sophistication to any inside sports space. Furthermore, it can keep the whole experienced contained in a spot.

In addition, the board looks amazing on the wall with a wooden finish. It’s definitely suitable for the Tournaments.

Plus, the size of merely an 18-inch diameter board provides great features like a comprehensive staple-free SupaBull bulls-eye for the best scoring, a half thinner multiple score area wire for bigger score area, and a removable number ring prolonging the board life. Its colors also remain bright even when they are hit many times.

Though the bristles of most boards are what undermines the overall performance. But it is not the case. It can work well after various darts that are shot at it. Therefore, it is safe to say the Nodor Supawire 2 Bristle dartboard is a good bang for your buck.


Well, in case you want to have more preferences, we have compiled a list of three names that you could consider.

The first alternative is the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard comes with a big target area. Along with that, it also has a wide missed dart area in order to catch bad throws.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard
  • Professional bristle dartboard with exclusive British Darts Organization (BDO)...
  • Increased scoring area with 14% thinner wiring system than the previous...
  • Reduced bounce-outs and improved dart deflection with 30-degree reduction in...
  • Triple Wheel lock-and-level system easily secures the dartboard to virtually any...
  • Incredible durability with Carbon Diffusion technology in bullseye ring for...

This option is quite lightweight, and its steep surface can eliminate the bounce outs. You will love this product as it is definitely easy to set up so that you do not need to put much effort. That said, it does not include any dart, so you will have to buy it separately.


  • Lightweight
  • Thin wiring
  • Wide target area
  • Less bounce-outs
  • Easy to set up


  • Not include darts

Another name we want to mention is the DMI Sports Bandit Staple.

-6% Sale
DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Self-healing African conditioned sisal for the ultimate...
  • REDUCED BOUNCE OUTS - Superfine, staple-free razor-bladed wires mean...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - It’s stress-free to hang and rotate the wall bracket or the...
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Full size 18" x 1 1 2" dartboard meets World Dart...
  • CHOICE OF SISAL DENSITIES - The Bandit is Medium Packed for a lighter throw and...

Like the Nodor Supawire 2, this dartboard also features bristle materials and takes advantage of the stable-free design. As you may know, it is to make sure the bounce-outs can be reduced, delivering successful shots.

However, its numbers are coated with powder. Therefore, you can rest assured that they could not wear off or scratch early. Moreover, this option also has a wider target area, so that you will have chances to gain more points.

However, like the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard, there are no included darts when buying the DMI Sports dartboard. Plus, the wirings appear to bend easily.


  • High durability
  • Wide target area
  • Numbers coated with powder


  • No included darts
  • Wirings are likely to bend

Finally, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro is also an ideal idea for you. This dartboard stands out with extremely thin segments. Also, it helps you have more space for steel-top dart in order to pierce into. If you are seeking a dartboard, which is easy to install, lightweight, this Unicorn Eclipse Pro might be the right one for you. That said, it does not appear to be good at all. It does not come with darts. In addition, its colors tend to chip.

-14% Sale
Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board with Ultra Slim Segmentation...
  • Championship quality bristle board
  • Unicorn high technology wiring design
  • Completely staple-free construction
  • Staple-free Bullseye. Assembled Product Weight: 10.7 lbs
  • Free checkout chart


  • Wide target area
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install


  • Do not have included darts
  • Colors tend to chip.


Are the wires thinner than the regular round wires?

Well, they are thinner than other regular wires, and it’s a good board.

Can I use a soft tip dart with this product?

We are sorry as this product does not come with steel tip darts only! So the answer is NO.

Does it have mounting instruction and hardware?

Yes, all of the hardware is offered along with instructions.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about our complete Nodor Supawire 2 Bristle Dartboard review. In a nutshell, this dartboard is really a good choice for your leisure time.

Not only does it boast many great features, but it also does come with an affordable price tag. If you have any other ideas, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.

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