The Best Magnetic Dart Boards You Should Know About

For a long time, dart has been one of the best amusing games to play, either with friends or just by yourself. This game also brings us a lot of benefits!

These days, kids are easily drawn to technical devices, sticking their eyes on their iPhones, Androids, PCs, etc. Some parents have found a way to keep them off those screens: some small, amusing games, such as darts!

Of course, parents are not willing to let their children play with those potentially harmful sharp darts. Luckily, they have another solution:

It is the magnetic dartboard!

What are the benefits of playing darts? Is magnetic dartboard better than other types of boards? What are the best magnetic dart boards for my kids?

Let look for the answer.

Best Magnetic Dart Boards – Quick Comparison

#1: GIGGLE N GO Reversible

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For the first recommendation, we are going to show you this magnetic dartboard from Giggle N Go! It is an affordable, basic safety dartboard for every member of your family.

This 16 inches magnetic dartboard is ideal for anyone except children under five. The darts are brittle and might be harmful to little kids. However, that’s not a big deal – all you need to do is keep the darts on high shelves, out of their reach.

This Giggle N Go is a lovely versatile piece – it is a reversible dartboard.

But, what does reversible mean?

It means that both two sides of this board can all be used for dart games! They have different rules on each side. So, in case you fed up with failing continuously on one side, you can switch to the other and try the new rule!

Moreover, the Neodymium magnets in this set are surprisingly strong and well-balanced! There are six powerful darts that come with the board, which are enough for two people. If you have three or more players, you can always purchase additional darts online.


  • Durable built
  • Basic design with attractive color
  • Strong magnets
  • Reversible two games – one dartboard
  • Comes with six powerful darts


  • Not for kids under five
  • Brittle darts

#2: Doinkit Darts 90008

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Let me ask you one question:

What can you tell just by looking at the front surface of this board?

Well, if your answer is its appealing color choice and design, then that’s right!

But that’s not all! This guy is also super durable and high-quality to serve different uses for all ages and skill levels of players. That is why we choose this Doinkit Darts 90008 as the best gift if you want a magnetic dartboard as a present for your friends/family/kids!

Those balanced neodymium darts with flat tips never fail to satisfy us with their precise landing. Their strength is superb, and the flight line is as straight as a die!

This board is 16 inches by diameter and not reversible. It comes with two hidden wall mount on the other side for easy setup and six colored darts so that you don’t need to buy extra accessories outside.


  • The kids love it!
  • Super durable
  • Super giftable
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Visually appealing
  • Powerful magnets


  • Not reversible
  • A bit pricey

#3: Squad Hero

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Need an illuminated guy to light up your game night party?

Then you will like this Squad Hero Light-up dartboard!

How can it illuminate in the dark? Reflective or luminous material? No, it simply runs by electric power got a USB cable or four AAA batteries. The dartboard is lightened in the dark with an innovative LED backlight.

To think about it, this Squad Hero has so many great features in such an affordable piece:

First, we have strong neodymium magnets replacing the pointy tips. The darts are also built and engineered with precision to ensure optimal accuracy in every throwing line.

Most of all, both the target board and the darts can glow in the dark, which makes them super suitable for every night party or silent practice!

Moreover, this Squad Hero is a little guy with a 14-inch diameter. This small board will suit well with those who are currently looking for a more challenging dart game!


  • Very sturdy
  • Glow in the dark for game night
  • Small 14 inches board
  • Good gift
  • Great for party
  • Flexible charging method


  • Keep off from water

#4: Matty’s Toy Stop 2-in-1

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Are the 14 inches Squad Hero not challenging enough for you?

So why not try this Matty’s Toy Stop 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches square dartboard!

This Matty’s Toy Stop Exclusive Deluxe 2-in-1 is one of the best high-quality magnetic dartboards we’ve ever experienced!

Why so?

It is because the magnets on those darts coming with the board are super strong! Once throwing, it sticks to the dartboard and creates virtually no bounce-offs. Impressive!

Ten darts are coming with the board upon receiving. You’ll never need to buy any extra darts since this is more than enough darts to play with one board.

Besides, this product has an interesting design, whose border is not round like other dartboards, but it is square-shaped with round a score marker inside! The other side of the board is also a game – a baseball game to play with the darts!


  • High-quality dartboard
  • Very strong magnets
  • Sturdy built
  • Come with 10 magnetic darts
  • Reversible with two different games


  • Small target diameter


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So, what if instead of one best friend, you have a whole group of friends to play dart with, which dartboard should you choose then?

This Street Walk is a regular size magnetic dartboard with a 16-inch diameter. They have dart target marking on both sizes, just different scoring rules. We love how they color the dartboard; we find it super easy to read and play anyway.

Moreover, this product comes with 12 magnetic darts with strong neodymium magnets attached. These darts are heavy and well-balanced. They fly straight to the dartboard and land with little bounce-off. Twelve darts with four colors are more than enough for a night hangout with your group of friends!

But there is one thing we dislike in this Street Walk: they are loud!

It must be the sound of the magnet hitting the metal board. But generally magnetic dartboard does not make such a loud noise, so we guess it is because the board’s coating is too thin!


  • Regular size 2-side dartboard
  • Stable neodymium magnets
  • Stick well
  • Fly straight
  • Easy to hang
  • 12 darts included


  • A lot of noise

#6: Power Your Fun

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We’ve never thought of any other things to stick on the dartboard rather than a dart or some sort of arrow-like stick. But in this Power Your Fun dartboard, they have a second game that uses magnetic balls to hit different characters on the board!

That is a great innovation, though!

We have six darts coming with the hanging board; also six balls, all attached with strong magnets to play with the alien-themed side of the board.

This product is also hangable and rollable, which makes it super easy to set up or carry around. You can bring it anywhere and hang it on anything and start your dart game!

A common problem with rollable dartboards is their “sticky”. What we mean here is the darts tend to fall on the ground easier with rollable magnetic boards than with regular ones. But this guy does amazing! Its strong magnets are the good ones and will hold on well! Great gift for your friends!


  • Double-sided roll-up dartboard
  • Great gift
  • Good-quality
  • Affordable
  • Kid-friendly
  • Super easy to carry around

#7: Esjay Board Set

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Newcomers to dart games often look for a larger dartboard – there is more space to hit on a larger target than a smaller one, then.

This Esjay magnetic dartboard is bigger than most of the dartboards on the market: its diameter is 18 inches. It is reversible – both sides can be used for dart games! With this large area and two-side board, you will have plenty of room to play and practice with your friends!

To fit with the giant 18-inch board, Esjay sends us 12 magnetic darts, whose magnets are super strong but wings are a bit fragile. The complete set includes six pieces: one dartboard, a darts set, an instruction, one metal hook, one tape measurement, and a throw line.

The two-sided dartboard is made of high-quality metal material.

However! It is covered by paper! It’s paper!

That’s exactly why this Esjay is such a noisy piece and cannot stand any drop of water! If you want to take it out for an outdoor trip, remember to keep it out from the rain.


  • Large magnetic board
  • Innovative reversible board
  • Total 12 magnetic darts
  • Sturdy built
  • Durable
  • Comes with lots of accessories


  • Not waterproof
  • Loud
  • Fragile darts


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Here’s another roll-up dartboard option, but with more choices on the second side that most parents with small kids love: The Giggle N Go roll-up magnetic dartboard!

Giggle N Go company offers us five versions of the second sides: the monster, space, bullseye, unicorn, and checkers. We like the checker the best because it’s kinda special and we can also combine chess in this game.

Nevertheless, the kids seem to love colorful cartoon graphics such as the unicorn, monster, or spaceship better. So if you’re looking for a cute gift for your or your friends’ little child, you can consider taking these patterns!

This double-sided dartboard is an excellent starter choice for kids – a cute, reliable, and also affordable choice. It’s also really well-made, easy to carry around, and can be hung everywhere!

One thing that disappoints us in this Giggle N Go board is the sticking quality. We’re not sure either the problem lies in the board or the dart’s magnets, but the darts sometimes slide away from the board and fall off the ground!


  • Super portable and easy to set up
  • Cute gift
  • Appealing graphics to kids
  • Good-quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Six darts included
  • Many graphics options


  • Not so “sticky”

#9: Rabosky

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Now imagine a harder problem: you have a squad picnic, and you are seeking a super lightweight dartboard to play at times?

Well, in that case, you will need this Rabosky dartboard!

Anyway, this Rabosky is extremely suitable for any outdoor activities. Just look at how many darts there are in the set and the fact that it is super easy to hang and you can see the reason why! Moreover, its material is rather tough and indestructible to survive the weather outside, too.

Since these 12 darts are pretty small, this game is not for kids under six years old to avoid any choking hazard.


  • Suitable for both indoor or outdoor play
  • Lightweight and rollable piece for easy transport and storage
  • Double-sided design
  • Comes with 12 darts


  • Darts sometimes don’t stick
  • Not for kids under six years old

#10: Fantastic Boom

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Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe 2-in-1 Reversible Magnetic Dartboard...
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  • Set includes reversible dartboard & 10 magnetic darts (5 red & 5 yellow)!
  • Magnetic Dartboard measures 13.5" x 13.5" and is easy to hang!
  • For Ages 5 and up - Fun for the whole family! - Safe for younger players!

Finally, we’re introducing you to a good dartboard option if you intend to bring dart games to your office: the Fantastic Boom magnetic dartboard!

Of course, this Fantastic Boom is not the “fantastic” choice for your workplace, but it is a good choice then.

First, it is not reversible – yes, we don’t have time to adjust the board at the office. Seconds, its design is pretty unique and eye-catching, so it might be a good decoration! The set only comes with six magnetic darts, but we think that is enough for any office break-time game.

Even if you want to hang this board at home, it is still a good choice for the whole family. Kids that are four years and up can play with the darts and stay away from smartphones.


  • Stick nicely
  • Backing keyhole for easy mounting
  • Bright color
  • Great for office use

Advantages of Using Magnetic Dart Boards

From long ago, adult darts lovers have been enjoyed playing around with bristle dartboards and pointy metal darts with their friends in the pub. This is the traditional yet venturesome way to play darts – as you can easily tell from those flying sharp darts!

But now, when our entertainment needs escalating and darts quickly becoming an amusing indoor game, we have to find a safer way to play with darts. Fortunately, the manufacturers have come with a brilliant idea to modify the darts and their board with the help of magnetic material!

Nowadays, magnetic dart boards are not only used to entertain the kids at home but also for our break time in the office.

The most important advantage of magnetic dartboards over other types is their risk-free performance. The flat tips replaced the pointy tips and simultaneously excluded the possibility of having holes in your body or your walls created by the original dart’s shape.

Here is also some impressive advantages of magnetic dartboards:

  • Safer games for both players and the wall hanging the board
  • Inexpensive, thanks to their simple manufacturing process
  • Easy landing: magnetic darts tent to reach the board a lot more easily than traditional types of darts would, which is the best fit for beginners
  • Life-time lasting: magnetic dart boards do not get damaged with those pointy darts so that they can last much longer than other types can
  • Lightweight, attractive, and portable: some even come in the roll-up form.

Buying Guide

Many newcomers to darts do not know how to choose a proper dartboard for their home. Why so?

‘Cause there are too many of them out there, from every manufacturer, at every range of price! Finding a good magnetic dartboard is not that difficult or time-consuming.

In this section, we gonna show you the most important features to consider when choosing a magnetic dartboard:

Size & Design

In general, there are two designs of magnetic dartboards: the hang-up dartboard and the roll-up dartboard.

Most of the manufacturers make these boards in the standard regulation size of 16 inches. There are a few magnetic dartboards out there that are sized differently to serve other purposes. For example, those 10 to 12-inch boards are small and portable enough for the office or inside the kids’ playroom.

However, a standard size dartboard is always the recommended purchase since everyone should start with the standard throwing line! A smaller board means a smaller target, which leads to a more challenging and accuracy-demanding game.


Back in the old days, dartboards placed in the pubs were made by either softwood or cork material. Nowadays, magnetic dartboards are made of an entirely different material:

Most of them consist of a thin 16.5-inch-diameter metal sheet, also called a metal disc. Each metal disc is modified and enhanced by a different manufacturer that it comes from. They might then place a thin, soft velvet or rubber material or on top of the disc as a cover and score-display.

The metal plating can be noisy at times, but this thin coat outside will dampen the impact and decreases noise. Besides, they help to protect the board from chipping and cracking after many uses.

The special thing here lies in the roll-up boards! These use dartboard fabric covered with a magnetic coating to keep the darts sticking. This magnetic board type is less “sticky” than the hardboard, but they’re super portable!

Quality and Amount of Darts

Most dartboards available on the market come with darts of their own. From what we see, it is mainly the dart’s magnetic quality that decides if your dart set could perform great or not!

First things first, those darts need to be balanced. Unbalanced darts will flip around in the air, which can never give you an accurate shot.

You should also take a look at how many darts there are in the set. If you often play with a bunch of people, maybe your family or colleges in the office, then you should opt for a set with at least 8 to 10 darts or more. And of course, you can always buy more darts separately online if you lost some.


1. How long do dartboards last?

For regular dartboard with casual play, about 1-2 times a week, those boards are going to last for two years or more.

Magnetic dartboards can last much longer, double, or even triple the time of a regular dartboard. It is because magnetic dartboards are not damaged by the darts’ sharp tips, thus making it last for years.

2. Will it damage my wall?

No, it won’t!

Hardly can you leave any damage on the wall unless you throw the darts way too hard then! These magnetic darts don’t include a sharp tip to cause any damage. Also, they are pretty lightweight, so please don’t worry unless your target is some type of glass furniture!

3. Can I use it outdoors?

It mainly depends on the dartboard’s material and coating.

Most of the standard round boards can not be used outdoors. They’re often made for indoor entertainment only. Meanwhile, many roll-up boards are made of fabric that can easily dry when it gets wet. Also, they’re not likely to be damaged by water, which makes them very suitable for outdoor activities.

4. Does it get a lot of bounce-offs?

The bounce-off depends on many factors: the magnet’s quality, the board’s materials, and the throwing’s force and angle. If the dart doesn’t make contact with the board correctly, there will be some bounce-off before it lands, either on the board or on the floor.

This can happen to any dartboard, even the ones used in the tournament.

5. How many spaces do I need to play darts?

Unlike regular darts that have specific distance rules, you will have to adjust the throwing distance with the magnetic dartboard yourself.

First, hang the board on the wall somewhere of your height. Start from a distance, keep moving forward, and throwing the dart to the board until it could stick. And that’s the space enough for your darts game in the future!

The Verdict

A good magnetic dartboard will help you a lot at parties or game nights where you have nothing in your mind to play with your family or friends. It’s a game of all ages!

To conclude, choosing a magnetic dartboard is not difficult. All you need to pay attention to is its size and quality. Read more reviews if you’re not sure which one to take. The best magnetic dartboard will take a while to be found!

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