How To Maintain a Dartboard and Darts: A Thorough Guide

The classic throwing game – darts, has been around for longer than we can remember.

There are debates going on about whether to call it a sport or not; regardless, it is still a fun game to play at bars or even at home to relieve stress.

Nonetheless, not a lot of people know how to maintain dart boards and darts, resulting in them being worn and tear after just a short time of use.

In today’s article, we will discuss ways to keep both your dartboard and darts properly maintained, as well as tips on how to make them more durable for upcoming fun games.

Everything You Should Know to Maintain Your Darts and Dartboards

It’s quite terrifying to look at the problem from the perspective of your dartboard.

Imagine how much beating it has to go through when you and your friends are having so much fun with some beers and a plate of nachos.

how to play darts

Yet, you can minimize the problem by getting yourself educated on some essential knowledge of things you should know to maintain your darts and dartboard.

First thing first, the dartboard needs to be kept under clean and dry conditions always. Plus, it has to be rotated to avoid getting damaged in the same spots over and over again.

Besides, how you maintain the gear also depends on the kind of dartboard you’re using.

There are three main types: magnetic, electronic, and bristle; You ought to consider the most suitable one for your needs and preference before you can learn how to keep it under good maintenance.

I know people say you must not use water on your dartboard, but there is an exception. You can spray the surface with a little bit of water, just enough to create a light mist.

By doing this, you’re making the board more clean and compact. After that, gently use a cloth to dry off the surface as soon as possible. However, the environmental factor is important when applying this method.

If you live somewhat near the sea, spraying water on the board can cause a reverse effect of damaging the unit even faster. This is why people have mixed opinions toward this method, and now you understand!

The next thing, which I have mentioned above, is to keep the dartboard rotated for as often as you can. And remember to keep the marker number off first before you do that.

A lot of people neglect this factor because they thought it probably wouldn’t have any significant impact on keeping the dartboard last longer.

In fact, it was proven to be the opposite. By doing this, you’ll increase the usefulness of your dartboard as well as interfere with the chance of it being worn away.

Did you know that the 20th section of the dartboard is the most vulnerable to damages? This explains the necessity of rotating the board.

Next, ask yourself the question: what is the capacity of my dartboard? I bet you didn’t even know your board has a capacity. Surprising, isn’t it?

The capacity of a dartboard is the number of players your board can endure. For example, you cannot use a dartboard made for 3 players for playing between 7 players or so.

Keep this in mind: dartboards were made for indoor playing only. Environmental factors like high-intensity light or excessive moisture from fog will result in a dramatic decrease in the quality of your board.

After a time, the fiber components (the material to make the board) will be adversely affected, thus making the color dull and unattractive.

What is more, your board will quickly be disintegrated due to the fibers being brittle, which results from direct heat from the sun.

Last but not least, the frequency of playing also determines, to a certain extent, the lifespan of your dartboard.

It should be restricted to 2 or 3 players. It is easily seen that dartboards in pubs will wear down extremely quickly due to the number of players they have to endure.

How To Maintain Dart Board And Darts

Now that I’ve provided you with everything you need to know about maintaining your darts and dartboard, we come to the next part: the steps to take care of your darts and dartboards.

There are 5 simple steps, referring to what I’ve mentioned above.

Step 1: Rotate Your dartboard

We’ve talked about it, but I will repeat it: keep your dartboard rotated for as much as you can!

I’m sure you must have heard of the Cricket game, right? It favors certain spots on the dartboard; therefore, those spots being worn out is inevitable.

The same thing will happen when there are players who prefer specific positions, like 19 and 20. Yet, you can lessen the problem by keeping your dartboard rotated on a regular basis.


The correct way to rotate your board is to remove the outer ring and turn the board clockwise.

Stop when the next black section reaches the top of the board; this means the 20th segment was replaced by the 12th segment.

Step 2: Water: Yes or No?

You can use water on your dartboard, but not too much. Use just enough water to create a mist, then gently wipe it off to keep the board in dry conditions.

Step 3: DO NOT Use Blunt Darts

The tips of your darts should be smooth and sharp, not blunt. This is because they will be directly exposed to your dartboard.

These days, the darts market is flooded with those specially designed darts that provide players with more grips and precision. Some of these darts, however, can wreck the fiber structures of the board.

Also, your darts will be grimy and dirty after quite some time, so it is best to clean them with warm water and some dishwasher soap.

You ought to remove the flights first before putting in the water. After that, let them soak for about 8-10 minutes and give them a good scrub with an old toothbrush. This should be enough to remove all the dirt and grease on your darts.

In the end, if they’re squeaky clean, you did it the right way. Once you’ve done scrubbing, rinse them with warm water and use a towel to dry them off.

Step 4: Remove Loose Fibres

After a period of use, some of the fibers will get loose from the front of the board, resulting from darts being incorrectly removed. Loose fibers will also decrease your chance of hitting the target.

You can remove them using a lint remover, which works exceptionally well.

Step 5: Environmental Factors

Make sure your dartboard is not directly exposed to any environmental conditions such as direct sunlight or moisture.

maintain dart board

You can use a standard light bulb to light up the room when you’re playing and turn it off later. Also, place it elsewhere from being near the window to minimize it getting affected by moisture in the rain or winds.

Tips: How to Keep Darts And Dartboards More Durable

Below are some tips and tricks you can apply to keep your darts and dartboards more durable.

  • Make sure you know how to remove the darts correctly: twist, do not pull. A lot of people don’t have much knowledge of this problem. Some of them don’t even know it can have such a great impact on the dartboard.
  • Put a mat under where you place the dartboard, so if your darts fail to hit the target, they will land safely on the mat without coming into direct contact with the floor.

You know how it is with blunt darts.

  • Replace the flights occasionally because they’re very much likely to be bent or start pulling apart. This reduces the accuracy of your throws.

Some soft-tipped darts can be bent back to their original conditions, saving you some extra cost. But it’s still better for you to replace them after a while.

What is more, you’ll sometimes find burrs on the side of the dart. When you do, try to sand them off lightly.

  • As I have stated above, your darts need to be sharp and smooth, not blunt.

However, make sure they are not too sharp. As trivial as it sounds, a very sharp tip actually lowers bounce out or split the segment wires upon impact.

Also, don’t forget to sharpen the dart tips with a dart sharpener occasionally as blunt tips will bounce off the board. They can be found at Walmart or any online sports store.

  • Avoid using heavy cabinets or accessories as they will add excess weights to your dartboard, causing it to fall down and crash into pieces.

Keep it simple by mounting the board securely on the wall, and you’re good to go.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to maintain dartboard and darts correctly, I hope you follow the steps as well as the tips I’ve provided to keep them long-lasting for fun games ahead.

Not only will your gears last longer, but you can also save money from having to replace them every once in a while. Thus, it is more fun to play with instruments that are properly maintained and preserved.

Thank you for reading.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021 by Drake Lambert

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