The Best Freestanding Dartboards You Should Know About

Darts have long taken the world by storm, spreading widely across the U.S, the U.K, the Netherlands, Australia, and every other country with pub games available.

With over 17 million players in the U.S in particular and over 50 million worldwide, darts have broken out of the underworld and risen as a professional sport beloved by all walks of life.

Originally born as a means of nightlife recreations, darts has been a game for one, two, eight, or even more people, determined by the game locations. You, along with your quads and family, can play in the club, at home, or on social bonding days.

To be able to unwind with darts anytime, you must have felt the urge to own a dartboard yourself instead of having to wait until night for the pubs to hit the light.

That’s where we take our inspiration to round up the top 4 best freestanding dartboards present to you, bristle and electronic indiscriminately.

Fancy throwing a dart at the bullseye in your living room?

The 4 Best Freestanding Dartboards

Following is our latest update of the best dart cabinets, dart stands, or dart machines that have made the cut after months of trials and testing.

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Tournament-Graded Electronic Dartboard – Best Overall

-17% Sale
Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard Black
  • GAMES AND VARIATIONS - Features 8-player cricket with 24 games and 132 options,
  • REGULATION DARTBOARD INCLUDED - Dartboard has a regulation 15.5" target area as...
  • REDUCED BOUNCE OUTS - Micro-thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce...
  • DARTBOARD FEATURE - Dartboard features a voice prompt for players to throw, a...
  • Includes 6 soft-tip darts with extra tips, an AC adapter and mounting hardware...

Among our list, Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 comes in second re cost-effectiveness, so if you’re fancy a tournament-standard electric dartboard on a tight budget, this is your chance to own on!

Pro 650 sees a vintage black plywood silhouette that features a freestanding cabinet with three spacious shelves so that you can store all the assembly gadgets and dart gear within.

On top of it is a regulation-sized 15.5-inch target with Micro-thin segment dividers amidst Nylon Tough sections that reduce bounce-outs for a set of six soft-tip darts with extra tips to land smoothly. This renders the target eligible and technically accredited for tournaments.

After assembly, for which the manufacturers have offered a kit of AC adapter and mounting hardware to serve, the overall frame would score 8412” H x 24” W x 1212” D. This is the ideal fit for even a moderate 13×17 game room size.

Yet the most exhilarating part? The range of games it brings to the table!

Pro 650 packs a total of 24 games and 132 variations for 8 people simultaneously, among which are 5 Cricket games and others including 301, Shanghai, Bermuda Triangle accommodated by two sets of tri-color LED. You can use voice commands, a solo play option, a player handicap function, and a sleep mode as a bonus also.

Compared to one $4000 arcade game machine, this’s definitely a steal, especially if you add a blacklight effect on top and throw some fluorescent paint strikes on the number if you want it to resemble the real deal.

One small problem is, the Pro 650 cabinet can produce a false flimsy and cheap impression with how intricate it is to put the parts and parcels together securely. And it can be pretty wobble if you throw darts without mounting the cabinet to the wall with extra braces and straps, so this won’t make your list if you want a game on the move without hassle.


  • Affordable
  • Arachnid 16-gram griped darts compliments the Squarehole technology target.
  • Include all dart gear and mounting equipment


  • Tricky to assemble
  • The acute sound effect for a solo play
  • Darts do not always grip well as well as easy to remove

2. Viper Neptune Electronic Extended Spanish Cricket Cabinet Dartboard – Best Budget

-41% Sale
Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet...
  • Top Quality Segments - Regulation-Sized 15.5” Electronic Dart Board Target...
  • Built-In Cabinet And Storage - This Soft Tip Dartboard Is Built Directly Into...
  • 57 Games For Up To 16 Players - Includes Popular Games Like 01, Cricket, And...
  • Extended Display - Larger Display Allows You To Easily Play Specialty Games Like...

The Viper Neptune must be the suavest and posh-looking cabinet out of the list via its classy color scheme of red, silver, and black. It lies within an affordable series of multifunctional commercial-use grade electronic dartboard cabinets.

Talk about the full package of functionalities, the Viper Neptune packs 57 games with 307 variations to serve up to a group of 16 co-players at the same time. This’s the highest number of games offered and players accommodated within this reign officially.

When you open the wooden cabinet, there are two sets of 6 starters soft-tip darts in total and extra dart points. You can replace them after the tips give up with any ¾-ich long soft-tip dart of any brand.

In the middle of the cabinet is a tournament-grade 15.5-inch electronic dartboard, which is surrounded by a 360-inch catch ring to stay intact against missed darts. This standard regulation size allows you to practice like the real deal on the training ground and take on 15 other people simultaneously.

The surface of the target board is covered with ultra-thin commercial-grade nylon spider segments. With such an extra-large target and tight shot groupings, the bounce-out ratio should decently go down significantly while score-reading ability and the number of shots successfully registered must rise up proportionately.

Underneath the board is a 6-inch automatic LCD scoreboard with an extended display for distinct games like Minnesota and Spanish cricket. Since the Viper Neptune is designed for a wealth of players, the game interface is kept simple, and easy to select any game from 301, American Cricket, or Count Upon an instant switch of a button.

Apart from the standard commercial-grade main ingredients, Viper includes additional mounting hardware and an external power supply adapter (5V, 1000 mA) to replace batteries on the move.

As much as we would like to call it a perfect freestanding dartboard, the overall performance falls rather short of our expectations, besides the fact that this isn’t the most durable thing on earth, maybe due to too many games being overloaded internally.


  • The biggest variety of games offered
  • Multiplayer
  • Crisp and suave design
  • Sensitive dartboard
  • Solitaire player mode with 5 difficulty levels against the computer.


  • Hard to mount on a wall
  • Ill-registered starter soft-tip darts
  • The wood cabinet seems to be veneered or laminated.
  • Loud voice effects

3. Hathaway Outlaw Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet Set – Best Stability

-44% Sale
Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Solid Poplar...
  • UPGRADE YOUR GAME ROOM – Enjoy arcade-style fun at home with the Outlaw...
  • 90 WAYS TO WIN – Featuring 29 games with over 90 variations, this set will...
  • VERSATILITY & CONVENIENCE – Free-standing leg supports or a wall-mount option...
  • DIMENSIONS – Cabinet dimensions: 24-in W x 9.25-in D x 81-in H

Another affordable choice, the elegant Centerpoint cabinet set, even resembles Arcade-game style more than the Editor’s Choice Pro 650. You can consider it a standard game station with 29 plays over 90 variations including two pub style eraser scoreboards for playing cricket and 01.

If there’s one thing that people love more in Centerpoint than Pro 650, it must be high-quality craftsmanship. The cabinet is made of hard North American cherrywood and finished with a touch of dark ebony.

On top of the three shelves for gadget and darts storage is a standard 15-inch target with a built-in LCD display. Hence, you can track the records for up to 8 people at a time without hassle. The darts sometimes pop out but this could be fixed quickly with some sharpening.

Other than that, it’s pretty similar to Pro 650 in terms of voice commands, cyber match function allowing solitaire games, mounting gear, and two sets of six soft-tip darts with British and American flights (double the number than Pro 650).

Speaking of stability, Centerpoint does seem to have an edge over the Pro 650 via its sturdy base stabilizers. To assist these leg supports, wall mounts are a nice touch for locking the cabinet securely.

If there’s anything to complain about, the pre-screwed brackets on the dartboard seem to be a poor fit when assembled. Apart from the holes, the wires and staples may pop out of the board within a few plays.


  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Cost-saving
  • A wide range of games available
  • Extra stability


  • The hand-stained finish gives off a false illusion of the color schemes
  • Unsatisfying dartboard

4. Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Stand – Best Portable Stand

Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit (114237588) by...
  • Collapsible and height adjustable dartboard stand
  • Very portable and compact allowing you to play the game wherever you go
  • Robust black steel stand with lockable height setting - Easy to assemble
  • Dartboard surround NOT included
  • From Winmau - the leading Darts brand

Winmau has successfully put its name on the map with bristle dartboards, and this time, it doesn’t disappoint via a more compact version of its best-selling lines. The Xtreme stand also takes over the list as our Budget Choice and the most light-weighted compared to other unwieldy cabinets and machines.

The most notable differences of Winmau Xtreme compared to the two cabinets above must be for one, it’s intended for steel-tip darts and secondly, it doesn’t include dartboard surround. These traits accentuate the simplicity to use and assemble (only required for the accessory tray).

Since the producers had the vision to diversify playing locations and occasions as much as possible in the conception period, height adjustability and lockability settings were featured. To take it on the go with you, just clasp the collapsible hinges at the legs for an inward pivotal fold.

The target is not included on the stand, so if you want to screw a dartboard on, any regulation-sized or Winmau produced one would do.

Mount hardware does come with the package, along with stabilizer rods, so you can mount the stand on the wall in your game room or lock it securely in place on the training ground freely as you want.

Apart from all the amazing assets, Winmau Xtreme can still get on some players’ nerves by including a flimsy plastic prong on the rubber disk at the end of the adjustable monopod supporting wall stabilizer. This curtails the performance of the stand supports.


  • Robust black steel stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light-weighted
  • Height adjustable and compact on the go


  • Ill-performing stand stabilizers
  • Doesn’t include a dartboard

Buying Guide

There are many things for you to note down before placing an order of the freestanding dartboard in your dream, starting with your pre-drawn budget.

Intended use – Price

If you’re in search of a freestanding dartboard that can survive maltreatment and constant uses, or enjoying serious dart competitions, consider investing in a proper commercial-use grade machine.

It may put you in the red (lest monthly installments with no interest) for all the high-quality materials and craftsmanship, but so durable will the machine becomes that it can be passed down generations through generations.

On the other hand, if you want something more light-hearted for lower cost and more compact contents to unwind with family and friends most of the time, then just aim for home-use dartboard cabinets or collapsible stands.

They don’t feature LED screens or top-tier materials and may require simple assembly from time to time, but they’re fun to use and always come with reliable mount hardware for you to stabilize or turn them into a functional furniture piece.

Home-use sets are a joy to play on as you can add your own touch of accessories, aesthetics, and functions anytime at your disposal.

Dartboard Stand Materials

The most popular stands are made of wood and steel.

Wooden Stands

Wood is used widely for low production costs and aesthetics. They enhance the classy and luxurious aura foam/fabric dartboards radiate. Among various styles of surrounds, cabinets are dominant when it comes to wooden freestanding dartboards.

Wooden finish enables dartboard cabinets to resemble arcade-style machines in the closest ways possible, yet they’re pretty bulky and can take up a lot of space.

The material feels hard and the build is on the heavier side, so the wood won’t make a perfect cut if you’re on the move constantly or despise manual assembly.

Steel Stands

Steel isn’t the most light-weighted option out there, yet it can support bristle dartboards the best due to its resilience and durability.

This is the most appropriate material for outdoor practice rounds since steel holds incredible balance on the grass or on the ground.

As stable as steel can be, it’s also a bit heavy to carry around and the fits are tricky to assemble once the pre-drilled holes are misgauged.

Range of games offered

Obviously, when it comes to electronic freestanding dartboards, one of the coolest things while unboxing is to try out to see how many games it can offer.

If you’re buying a dartboard stand with the intention for multiple people to play at once (8 to 10 is the standard), it’s plausible that you want to pack as many games as possible.

You can go overboard to your own likings, yet don’t forget this one small rule: the more games there are, the more money flows out of your wallet.

Types of target

Nowadays, the common trends are more skewed towards electronic dartboards for soft-tip darts. When warming up to this kind of board, you’d have to give extra attention to some traits such as regulation-sized 15 inches, nylon touch sections to reduce bounce-outs, or a built-in wiring system.

However, there are people who fancy traditional bristle dartboards for steel-tip darts, and they’re still in the season more than ever.

In the end, it only comes down to your own preferences and you’ll naturally know what to look for in either electronic or bristle dartboards.


Can you throw steel-tip darts to an electronic dartboard?

Unfortunately, you cannot throw anything to electronic dartboards other than soft-tip darts.

Their steel-tip counterparts are employed for bristle dartboards in general.

Can you hang an electronic dartboard on an individual stand?

To hang a dartboard on an individual stand, you need to drill open at least three holes horizontally on the surface to screw them into the other basic three complimentary holes on the bracket.

So it’s a regret to inform you but your electronic dartboard won’t make it intact and alive after being drilled into.

What are dartboards made from?

Based on what kind of darts you’re using, soft-tip or steel-tip, the materials will vary.

For soft-tip darts, the boards are normally crafted from rubber or plastic (nylon).

And since the steel-tips can actually pierce through the boards, sisal fiber and bristle are the main ingredients in production, with a view to decreasing bounce-out rates as much as possible.

Bottom Line

After months of trials and testing, we’ve concluded that Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Tournament-Graded Electronic Dartboard has made the cut as our Best Overall as:

  • The cabinet’s made from high-quality black plywood
  • The dartboard scores regulation-sized 15-inch and covered with well-gripped nylon
  • The range of games offered and multiplayer mode is decent, not too jam-packed which can counter-affects the durability
  • The darts register well
  • It makes a nice budget choice for domestic use

Other models do not fall short by far, they’re just a bit unnecessarily extra on the budget or the additional functions affecting the overall harmony.

Other than that, all the products reviewed are conventionally the 4 best freestanding dartboards out of some strict evaluating criteria including price, the purpose of using, collections of games, dartboard surround materials, and types of target.

As much as we’d like to claim this list as successfully rounding up the best freestanding dartboards ever, we’re still open to any of your personal recommendations. So, mind sharing with us your all-time favorite down the comment box below?

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by Drake Lambert

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