Best Darts for Beginners Review: Which One Would You Pick Up?

Darts is gaining momentum to be one of the most-watched sports in Europe nowadays, and the number of people taking it up has hardly seen a decrease.

It is easy to catch sight of a dart game as it can be practiced at home or the office, in the game room, bar, or pub.

As time goes by, more and more people are attracted to darts and decide to get involved. However, they may encounter problems when choosing darts for themselves, because there are simply too many overhyped products on the market.

For this reason, we will provide information on the best darts for beginners below.

However, before digging deep into specific products, let’s spare some time getting to know what a dart comprises.

Best Darts for Beginners – Quick Comparision

Parts of a Dart

best darts for beginners

The anatomy of every dart is made up of four components: point (tip), barrel, shaft (stem), and flight, each of which has an important role to play. Therefore, understanding their functions well does players good as they can adjust their style, thus boosting their overall performances.

Point (tip)

The tip of a dart is commonly made of plastic or steel, which are corresponding to soft tip darts or steel tip darts. Both of these types of darts are applicable to bristle, dart boards, which used to be exclusive to steel darts only.

The point can either be taken apart or permanently embedded in the barrel, but removable tip darts enable slight retraction, which aims at the continuation of the forward motion after landing on hard surfaces.


When it comes to diversity, no other part of the dart can get the better of the barrel, as you can choose from a bewildering diversity of styles, materials, sizes, and grips. The weight of a dart largely depends on that of the barrel, which commonly ranges between 16 and 30 grams. The barrel also has a direct impact on the flight part, so the dart cannot function quite right without it.

Barrels are made of five different materials: brass, nickel-silver, tungsten (more popular) as well as wood, and plastic (less preferred). Listed below are common features of several aforementioned barrels:

  • Brass barrels are long-lasting and affordable. Susceptibility to corrosion is their minus, causing the grips to suffer from wear and tear over time.
  • Nickel-silver barrels are much durable, lighter, and resistant to corrosion than brass barrels. Unavoidably, their price is not so reasonable as you get what you pay for.
  • Tungsten barrels are the most mainstream option. This material has a dense structure, giving the barrels a smoother and thinner shape while still having proper weight. Many of them have a tungsten concentration of 80-90%, which should be prioritized if you go for sleeker and smaller models.

Shaft (stem)

This part affects the extent to which the dart can fly stably. The length of the shaft is directly proportional to the whole dart’s stability. As regards this aspect, there are three basic types of shafts: short and extra-short shafts, medium shafts, and long shafts. However, long shafts may cause the dart to swing from side to side, and make it off course.

Common materials include nylon, titanium, plastic, and aluminum – the most popular choice.


Another important part is the flight, which helps the dart maintain a smooth trajectory. Beginners should use darts with large flights as they provide air resistance, thus enhancing the accuracy during the game.

Flights come with a variety of textures and shapes, of which the most popular are respectively Standard and slim. Flights can be categorized into two different types:

  • Smaller flights are recommended for faster throws. They are usually combined with lighter darts and shorter shafts.
  • Larger flights are used in parallel with longer shafts and heavier darts. This type of flight assists the dart in flying slowly and applies to a wide range of angles.

Reviews of the Best Darts for Newbies

If you go online and search for darts for newbies, you will find a bewildering variety of results.

Each of them comes from a different producer and has different highlights, which make you at a loss to select the right dart. If you are in the same boat, don’t miss our all-embracing buying guide of best darts for beginners. Are you ready for now?

1. IgnatGames Set

-44% Sale
IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set - Professional Darts with...
  • Carry Your Darts Set Easily: This darts metal tip set comes in an innovative...
  • Enjoy More Accuracy: The different weights professional steel darts set with...
  • Gain Enhanced Control: These sturdy metal darts improve your skills and...
  • Improve Your Darts Knowledge: Enjoy your darts steel tip set professional with...
  • This Professional Steel Tip Darts Package Includes Everything You Need to...

First up, we want to introduce one of the best darts for beginners: the IgnatGames set. Flaunting outstanding features, this set for two people will improve your dart games experience.

The containing box is made of EVA foam, which avoids scratches as well as provides extra durability. The brass barrels offer matchless grip, and the shafts are hardly destructible thanks to their aluminum components.

Each dart is also equipped with a tailor-made sharpener, which aims at reducing the chance of bounces during the game. What is more, its robust metal structure allows great stability, making it an ideal option for beginners.

Some customers complain that one of the darts goes missing, and they are still compensated when contacting the manufacturer.


  • Great durability and stability
  • Reduce bounce-outs
  • Avoid minor injuries


  • Fallible delivery

2. Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Set

-30% Sale
Whimlets Steel Tip Darts Set - Professional Darts Steel Tip...
  • All You Need To Ramp Up Your Darts Game: Upgrade to unbreakable, exquisite...
  • Experience New Darts Frontiers: At home, college dorm, game room, office, bar or...
  • A Whooping 3-Year Warranty: Every premium Whimlets 20 and 22 Grams Brass Darts...
  • Sharpen Up Your Targeting & Movement Accuracy: Every piece was designed and...
  • Extremely Easy To Store, Pack & Go: Never worry about lost dart pieces again....

Here comes another brand of darts that do beginners good regarding its features: Viper, specifically the Adjustable Weight set.

The add-a-gram system is possibly the most noticeable feature of this darts set. This allows players to adjust the weight of darts at will instead of changing darts over and over again. The range of weight is between 16 and 19 grams, and there are four color options of hand-painted rings. Besides, the product is available at a reasonable price, which is quite a bargain to purchase.

The lightweight shaft features a locking hole, which renders it fit securely to the barrel.

Having said that, few buyers say they do not receive the same color that they ordered.


  • Adjustable weight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • The shaft does not easily come apart


  • Flaws in color issues when delivering


UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams with Dart Sharpener...
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - this easy-grip metal darts set is great for...
  • STRATEGIC DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM CONTROL - the ergonomic wide glide flights of our...
  • SHARE THE FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS - you can use this 15 dart set to play at the...
  • BONUS FLIGHTS AND DART SHARPENER INCLUDED - our darts metal tip set comes...
  • 100% SATISFACTION AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - all UZOPI products come with a...

It is not without reason when CUESOUL is ranked among one of the best darts for players, and let’s discover why.

The darts are made out of tungsten and therefore are thinner than other products. This slim appearance facilitates tight groupings when the need arises. Also, the darts are very durable, which can be observed when they bounce out or land on hard surfaces.

There are five different sets, leading to variations of weight as well as tungsten concentration, which always remain somewhere among 90-95%. A little black wrench is also included, which helps tighten the shaft in case it comes loose. Many people take a fancy to the product for one more reason: its ability to optimize precise throws.

However, one minus of the dart set is that its tip may come off after some time, causing inconvenience to the users.


  • Easy to grip
  • Resilient to damage
  • A wrench is attached to prevent the shaft from coming off


  • Not very robust tips

4. Whimlets Set

CyeeLife 15 Packs Soft tip Darts Set 18g,100 Extra...
  • 💎| Darts for beginners |: Plastic tip darts set for Beginners, 💎18...
  • 💎| Improve your game and enjoy it |: This Set will make your projections more...
  • 💎| After-sales service | Lifelong after-sale service=🔥Just one EMAIL,We...
  • 💎| 15 Pack Darts Set | 15 darts for 5 players, 100Tips=You can provide...
  • 💎| Pro Darts Store | CyeeLife is a Professional Darts Store,You can...

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Whimlets is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

This upgraded version is very hard to break, and it possesses an exquisite quality, which is most clearly illustrated by its top-class flights and shafts.

Importantly, it goes with a free guide book which entails all the necessary tips and tricks for you to put into practice, thus supporting you in your ascent to proficiency.

Besides, customers can be free from the worries of lost items, which is the case with quite a few brands. The outer box is so smartly designed that it is capable of enhancing the lifetime of inside components. This award-winning model also features optimum balance and grip, assisting players in throwing more accurately.

Despite all those notable properties, the slits are too narrow to insert the flights, which makes them vulnerable to bending.


  • Hard to destroy
  • Provide purchasers with “hacks” for faster progress
  • Custom-made container to keep from damage.
  • Unrivaled balance and grip


  • Very narrow slits


CUESOUL 30 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten...
  • 95% Tungsten Barrel, 11 Hand Painted Rings Grooved, 4 Small Knurled Barrels...
  • Anodized Aluminum Shaft,Medium(46mm/1.8" include thread)
  • 30 Grams , Center Weighted for Easier Controlling
  • 7.5mm /0.295"( Max.) Diameter and 51mm/2.0" Length
  • 6 Anodized Aluminum Shafts,3 Lantern Shape Flights,3 Standard Flights,3 alloy...

Coming fifth on our list is UZOPI, a high-quality darts set that supports amateurs very much in making improvements.

The darts can easily win the affection of observers right at first glance due to their aesthetic look. They are heavy darts, and therefore flaunt stable flight as well as a stronghold. One of its interesting features is the sharpener, which functions as a protector against metal burrs and maintains the darts’ fullest potential.

The flights are strategically designed for the sake of increased speed and decreased drag. Last but not least, you may be interested in its refund policy. The company promises to pay back 100% of the money if their product does not live up to purchasers’ expectations. Come on, you cannot find a more tempting offer than this!

Like several above brands, UZOPI usually makes mistakes in its delivery.


  • Attractive appearance
  • High-quality shafts and flights
  • Faster speed
  • 100% refund commitment


  • Not very satisfactory delivery

6. Fat Cat Bulletz

Fat Cat Bulletz is all the rage today and considered one of the best darts for beginners.

Its material is an alloy of tungsten and nickel with a ratio of 9:1, possessing a slim profile and outstanding balance.

Each barrel is armed with bands, groves, and rings, all of which are strategically designed and together offer gripping points. On top of that, the lightweight shaft features a snug fit to the barrel that upgrades stability. All the accessories, including darts, shafts, flights, etc. are stored in a hardshell case, thus being nearly unaffected by potential harm.

For all the above pluses, several buyers find the shafts quite flimsy, but that rarely happens due to small oversights when manufacturing.


  • Better hand placement and balance
  • Strong barrels do not easily come off
  • Excellent stability
  • Custom-made container


  • Weak shafts

7. CyeeLife 15PCS

-7% Sale
Arachnid Professional Series 90% Tungsten 18-Gram Soft Tip...
  • Ultra dense tungsten alloy makes thinner darts for higher scoring and better...
  • SideRider Case clips to your belt
  • 18 gram
  • One year warranty against defects. The ARACHNID trademark is a registered...

This is another dart set worth beholding, and it comes from a fine dart producer – CyeeLife. Below is some rationales behind its influence in dart players’ communities, especially newbies.

This set consists of soft tip darts, which stand you in good stead as they provide perfect balance and accuracy while throwing. Contrary to what people may think, plastic tips are very durable and hard to destroy.

The company also promises a full set on delivery, and users will not find any piece missing. All the accessories are also carefully manufactured and go through at least 5 checks to ensure the least flaws.

Unavoidably though, the shafts tend to bend after a period of use, which necessitates replacement.


  • Long-lasting and unbreakable
  • Premium balance and precision
  • More than good customer service


  • Wear and tear on the shafts after a while

8. All In Gear Set

Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts with...
  • Features Add-a-gram adjustable weight system
  • Aluminum shafts
  • 2BA tips with Add-a-grams or 1/4 inch without, 2-D glitter flights
  • Set includes three darts, extra flights, nylon shafts, tips, flight protectors,...

All In Gear is considered quite a formidable opponent when it comes to darts for beginners, and here is why.

The superb grip provided using the streamlined profile, thus improving the experience during a game. The barrels are specially produced to offer ultimate control when throwing. Thanks to this, players have less difficulty hitting a bullseye correctly, which has always been challenging.

The aluminum shafts, steel tips, and heavy-duty flights together make up top-quality darts. They are made of tungsten, thus possess high density while still having standard weight. Also, their balance can be felt, which increases the chance of accuracy and boosts the performance.

Nevertheless, there remain imperfections in delivery, which is common in other brands as well. Flights are the most item that goes missing.


  • Excellent grip and control
  • Strong and reliable
  • Premium accuracy


  • Mistakes in packing and delivering

9. Professional Darts Set D

Fat Cat by GLD Products Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts...
  • Designed with high quality, 90% tungsten and 10% nickel barrels which offer...
  • Each barrel has strategically placed knurled bands, deep grooves and rings that...
  • Lightweight, convex nylon shafts provide a tight fitting to the barrel that...
  • Includes an additional set of nylon shafts, flights and a dart mechanic wrench;...
  • Darts and accessories are fashionably stored and protected in the slim-profile,...

Its name does not lie – this darts set is indeed professional for the following reasons.

Every single component is carefully crafted and therefore features optimum speed, balance, and grip. Ideally, the brass barrels are strategically knurled so that players can grip the darts with ease. O-rings are also integrated to avoid issues of parts coming loose during a game.

The case, which has a round shape, is another highlight. With this handy container, you can bring the set along without worrying that they will suffer from harm.

This model is made of high-quality plastic but comes at a very reasonable price, which can hardly be found anywhere else.

On the other hand of the spectrum, the case does not get the better of other brands when it comes to convenience.


  • Optimal speed, balance, and grip
  • Perfect fit
  • Accessories are fully protected
  • Affordable


  • Bulky round case

10. Arachnid Professional

SHOT TAKER CO. EST. 2017 Soft Tip Darts Set - Professional...
  • MULTIPLE SET-UP OPTIONS: Discover the perfect dart combination for your personal...
  • PLAY WITH THE BRAND YOU CAN COUNT ON: Our products are made to last and...
  • ENJOY THE GREAT PROMOTION - Discover your ideal professional dartboard and darts...

Last, of all, we would like to introduce Arachnid, which is often deemed one of the best darts for beginners.

The product comes with two levels of tungsten concentration: 80% and 90%. Whatever category you choose, you still experience matchless grip and control over your darts, therefore likely to better your scores.

The SideRider Case is exquisitely designed to be fastened to your belt, and its lightweight also facilitates convenience and portability. The tips are assessed to be strong, as there have not been any reports on broken tips from customers.

Additionally, customers are granted a one-year warranty in case they detect any mistakes in the product.

However, this product may not suit everyone’s taste because of its length of 3.6 cm. This is shorter than the standard length of any dart and only caters to those who fancy small flights.


  • Superb grip and control
  • Conveniently designed container
  • Strong tips help improve performances
  • One-year warranty


  • Exclusive to a subset of players

The Differences Between Soft Tip And Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts have metal points and constitute the traditional type of darts.

They are heavier and harder, therefore hard to bend unless you deliberately want them to. Made of iron and carbon, this type of dart features strength and facilitates precise throws.

The alloy of metals above also gives the darts a longer lifetime.

Soft tip darts may arrive much later, but it does not necessarily mean that they are disappointing. They possess a quite impressive adoption and have achieved popularity among dart players communities. Soft tip darts are flexible thanks to their soft plastic component.

These darts offer optimum safety, especially for inexperienced or young children. Unlike steel tip darts, soft tip ones are more subject to deterioration over time, which compels regular replacement.

As mentioned before, bristle dart boards can work with both soft tip and steel tip darts.

However, soft tip darts can also be used on plastic or electronic dartboards, which automatically accumulate scores for the players.

Importantly, you should bear in mind that steel darts should not be used in parallel with soft dart boards, or else your darts will suffer from irretrievable damage.

How to Choose Darts for Beginners

Beginners often lack experience in how to enhance their performances as well as minimize potential risks, and that is where a good dart comes in. It will be a great companion that helps deal with the above issues. For now, let’s dig deep into what should be looked into when considering a dart for beginners:


The weight of the dart is crucial to your throw style, which contributes to your results. Normally, people tend to opt for darts weighing between 21 and 27 grams, and 24 grams is the recommendation for beginners. That figure can also be 22 grams depending on the players’ grip, namely women or children. Once they get used to the sport, they can adjust the weight of their darts according to personal preferences.

The difference of a single gram makes a difference, so you should change the weight of your darts little by little. Eventually, you are sure to obtain your favorite by trial and error. Besides, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • The heavier a dart is, the more it is accelerated.
  • Your speed when throwing affects the ideal weight of the dart you should choose. Understandably, If the dart is light, you should be faster to throw it.
  • As regards the speed of a dart, the center of gravity also matters. If it is near the front, the dart is front-oriented, and vice versa for the back.


You do not need a professional to tell you about the importance of this aspect. The material of a dart contributes to its weight, size, and strength. For the sake of reference, we have provided a comparison table among the kinds of materials below so that you can easily make up your mind.

Pros Cons


Softer than other materials


Increased likelihood of bounce-outs

Grip wears down more quickly



Reasonably priced

Long-lasting grip, suitable for regular practice

May cause allergy



Highest density, offering matchless grip

Resistant to wear and tear

Expensive, especially products with a high concentration

May cause allergy because they have nickel

Length and shape

These are important factors to take into account when purchasing darts. Even dart experts have to pay special attention to these aspects, as they greatly affect performances.

The appropriate length and shape for each player vary. For example, the size of your hands and the way you hold a dart will determine the length of the barrel. Generally speaking, the more fingers you use to hold your dart, the longer the barrel should be for the best outcome. Long barrel darts provide more room to grip the darts better, while shorter ones will limit the space.

Professionals prefer thinner barrels, which allow easier squeezing in the allotted space. Over time, your grouping will become tighter, and this is where such models prove their value.

When it comes to weight distribution, the shape of a dart does matter. The weight influences the way your dart flies as well as whether it is balanced in the middle or front-oriented.


When you have certain exposure to the sport, you will notice that there is a huge difference between the barrels of dissimilar darts. While some are smooth, others can be noticeably knurled. This phenomenon is due to the disparity between the friction provided by the barrel, thus offering different levels of grip.

You should consider darts with knurled rings, which feature optimum grip. A rule of thumb that should always be kept in mind is that the more your knurling weighs, the easier you can get hold of the dart. However, too much knurling may render the dart stick to your hand when throwing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are heavy or light darts better?

No one can say for sure which darts are better, and we have shortlisted the upsides of both groups below.

  • Heavy darts tend to be more stable and gain momentum on their way, thus traveling further than light ones.
  • Light darts are suitable for those wanting to use more effort in throwing, but they often fluctuate and cannot fly very far.

How do you aim a dart accurately?

  • Identify your dominant eye and hand
  • Use your preferred hand to raise the dart so that it is level with your eyes.
  • Learn to aim. The small finger of your dominant hand or the tip of the dart can help with that.
  • Point your elbow at the dartboard.
  • Keep the sharp point of the dart slightly upward, and you are ready to throw.

What are the best dart stems?

For the sake of reference, we have shortlisted the best dart stems currently available below.

  • CavalierDarts: aluminum, 53mm – 4.5 stars
  • MAXMAU: aluminum, 45-48mm – 4.6 stars
  • CASLONEE Exquisite: aluminum, 50mm – 4.4 stars
  • Viper Carbon Plus: carbon composite, about 37 or 44 – 4.4 stars

Why do darts players look left?

  • Look at their scores which are recorded on a TV screen.
  • Use their dominant hand (if they are right-handed).
  • Increase their luck: Some players have their rituals or quirks, which they believe will help them play better.
  • Interact with TV viewers or the audience by looking at the TV cameras.

How do you hit a bullseye in darts every time?

  • Grip the dart with moderate force using your thumb, first finger, and middle finger.
  • Make sure your hand is vertical and your forearm bends at a 90 degrees angle.
  • Your hand should stay straight and you should speed up your throw.
  • Darts and dartboards of high quality are important. Notably the former should be able to reduce the number of bounce-outs.


Above is our shortlist of best darts for beginners, their upsides and downsides as well as many related issues. Whether a dart is of good quality or not depends upon everyone’s needs and opinions of every single component.

On reading our review, we hope you have reached the final decision as to which one to choose among the various models currently available.

All of the above products are top-rated darts, and their shortcomings should not account for too much importance. Go ahead, grab your favorite darts set, and get the best experience out of the game. Through such great companions, your skills will undoubtedly witness significant improvements before long. Good luck!

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