The Best Dart Shafts For Dart Players: Which One Would You Pick Up?

You know, darts are among the world’s most common games.

Whether you are a starter or an experienced player, you could get fun games with the best dart shafts. Changing they can let you find a better grip and weight for your style of throwing.

To help you have the most suitable shafts, we have compiled a list of the best dart shafts below.

But before we jump into this part, we should learn some basic knowledge about them.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Best Dart Shafts – Quick Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Dart Shafts


The best part of MAXMAU 9 Set Aluminum Dart Shafts is the extensive range of shafts available. Our first choice has a total of nine sets of dart shafts, including smooth, carved, and grooved ones.

What we are impressed with this package is that it offers a different feel among shaft sets, which can give you various choices to play with. Plus, the sets deliver a special feeling when you throw them.

In particular, while the smooth and grooved shafts are 48 millimeters long, the carved are 45 millimeters in length. As you can see, they are short in size. Therefore, they would be an excellent idea for you if you are seeking shorter shafts.

Additionally, the darts shafts are available in various colors. When it comes to materials, they are all made of aluminum, which boosts their durability. You know, MaxMau is designed with 2BA grooves, rending it compatible with various kinds of products that come with the same thread.

That said, though they are difficult to break, they are likely to bend when dropped.


  • Come in 45mm and 48mm sizes
  • Offer smooth, carved, and grooved shafts in a package
  • Made of aluminum for high durability
  • Compatible with the same thread type
  • Come in different colors and designs


  • Bend easily when dropped.

2. Tezoro

-27% Sale
MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminium Dart Shafts Darts Accessory...
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Standard 2BA screw thread
  • Length: 45-48mm
  • Color: Black,red,blue
  • With anti-skip O-ring

If you are familiar with darts shafts, you probably hear the name Tezoro, one of the most famous dart shafts makers. The brand gains its popularity thanks to the versatility and durability of its products. Also, it offers an extensive range of great products that can help you improve the game.

When it comes to Tezoro darts shafts’ specs, they come with a length of 53 millimeters, making them ideal medium-length shafts.

Another notable point of this product is that it is a significantly compatible groove. Terozo dart shaft comes set with 2BA thread, making it a great option to fit various barrels. The darts are made of aluminum, providing them ideal strength though they are kept lightweight.

Each dart shaft is about 1.5-1.55g in weight. When attached to another part, it will give you an excellent body-to-weight ratio. Also, the darts can provide the desired durability as well.

Last but not least, the Tezoro dart shaft comes with an O-ring packet for each shaft, making it effortless to fit all parts tightly with the shaft.

Nevertheless, this option does not appear to be perfect. The ones get bent or warped quickly when dropped.


  • Feature 2BA groove
  • Have different color variants
  • 53mm in length
  • O-rings for every shaft


  • Easy to get warped and bent

3. Cavalier Darts

CavalierDarts 5 Colors/20 Pcs Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts...
  • Price for 20 medium dart shafts + 20 O'rings
  • Aluminum Darts Shafts: 53mm, Perfect for both steel tips or soft tips
  • We can promise that our quality is good, but color and brightness may differ a...
  • 2BA groove, fit most darts and perfectly fit most dart flights
  • Made by Tezoro, Come with original package with Tezoro TradeMarks

If you are seeking lightweight shafts, the Cavalier Darts shafts are an ideal choice for you. The brand made them with high quality and lightweight aluminum.

Not only does this give them the desired strength, but this also reduces the whole weight. Even when compared to alloy-based shafts, they are still extremely lightweight.

Plus, this Cavalier Darts Dart Shafts is a great choice if you are seeking a medium-length shaft. The set provides 50mm long shafts. It comes with basic 2BA grooves, allowing it to get used to various barrels. In this respect, it’s versatile. Also, they are an ideal choice for newbies and young players.

However, the set is likely to get bent when dropped.


  • Extremely lightweight shafts
  • Offer 50mm long shafts
  • 2BA thread
  • Made with aluminum


  • Easily bent when dropped

4. Viper Spinster

Wolftop 2BA Thread Aluminum Dart Shafts 24 Pack with Rubber...
  • 2BA SIZE THREAD - The dart shafts are compatible with all 2BA size dart screw...
  • AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM - Made of solid aircraft aluminum with anodized finish, more...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Designed with locking hole to allow you to use leverage to...
  • 8 SETS | 24 PCS SHAFTS - Package includes 24 Pcs aluminum shafts, AND rubber...
  • NO-RISK, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Because we're SO confident you'll love our...

Different from them as mentioned above, the Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shafts come with a rotating shaft top, allowing the flights to spin when they get stuck on the board freely. This helps eliminates deflection and increase your scores.

Plus, the dart shaft comes with an aluminum body, which ensures it can deal with tough wear and tear. Also, this option provides a locking hole to let you use additional leverage to tighten them to the barrel.

Moreover, this will eliminate the need to retighten after a throw or two. On top of that, you could choose either a medium or short shaft to meet your needs better. Notably, the medium-sized shaft can space the flight comfortably from the barrel, which improves the path of the flight as well.

Nevertheless, the Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft does not come with O-rings for each one.


  • Rotating shaft top
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Available in short and medium shafts


  • Not come with O-rings


Tezoro 4 Colors/20 Pcs Aluminium Darts Shafts Dart Stems...
  • Price for 4 colors 20pcs Short Darts Shafts, come with 20 O rings
  • 2BA groove, fit most darts and perfectly fit most dart flights
  • Short Length Aluminum Darts Shafts: 43mm, only green, black, red, blue will be...
  • Made by Tezoro, Come with original package with Tezoro TradeMarks
  • We can promise that our quality is good, but color and brightness may differ a...

This package comes with 20-piece aluminum darts shafts. The special point of the Shot Taker Co.Est 2017 shafts is that they can be used on steel and even soft tip darts. It is safe to say the package is designed with the best balance weight, grip, and speed for the ideal usage.

It comes in five color variants, including red, blue, purple, black, and green, so that you will have many choices of color to choose from. Another point you should know about these shafts is that they are 53 millimeters in length.

The darts set is equipped with rubber O-rings, ensuring there’s no loosening when using. You will like this product as you can opt to make use of heavyweight or lightweight to balance the darts for the best game. Last but not least, this package is suitable for all dart player levels, and you could store it effortlessly with no damage.

Any cons? We would say Yes. The ones are likely to bend when being dropped. Therefore, if you are going to go for this option, remember to be careful.


  • Sturdy aluminum
  • Store easily with no damage
  • Offer various set-up choices
  • Can be used on steel and even soft tip darts


  • Can get bent easily when dropped

6. Wolftop

Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft: Medium (MD), Silver, 3...
  • Rotating shaft top allows flights to spin freely when stuck in the board,...
  • Aluminum body construction ensures that your shafts will stand up to the...
  • Locking hole allows you to use extra leverage to tighten shafts to your barrel,...
  • Choose either a short or medium shaft to provide a personalized fit
  • Includes 3 shafts to equip your complete dart set

The best part of this option is that it’s a high-quality tip dart, which weighs merely 17g and has five kinds of flights. It’s worth mentioning that it is designed with robust aluminum with an anodized finish. This material is much more durable than PVC shafts.

Besides, they come with extra 60-piece dart tips as well. On top of that, the barrels are designed with high precision. Also, they are made for newbies and casual players in mind.

What we like about this option is that them are all compatible with the 2BA thread. And the length of them with no thread is 41 millimeters.

Another plus point is that it comes with a locking hole to let you use leverage to tighten them to the barrel.

Especially, the brand Wolftop also offers a 100% refund guarantee for consumers, which shows its confidence in the product.

However, it does have some points that undermine its performance. For instance, it is quite bulky and heavy. Also, the paint seems to wear off easily.


  • Robust aluminum body with anodized finish
  • Deliver high precision
  • Locking hole
  • 100% refund guarantee


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Paint can wear off easily

7. Aketek

-9% Sale
Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft: In-Between (INB),...
  • Rotating shaft top allows flights to spin freely when stuck in the board,...
  • Aluminum body construction ensures that your shafts will stand up to the...
  • The locking hole allows you to use extra leverage to tighten shafts to your...
  • In-Between size for proper spacing between barrel and flight is critical for...
  • This package includes 3 shafts for your whole dart set

The next position belongs to the Aketek. This option is available in a pack of three shaft sets. Each one includes 3 shafts. You could also get 9 with the pack, which is excellent if you do not want to take many dart shafts.

On top of that, the brand Aketek provides them with 2BA grooves, which can work well with almost dart parts.

Similar to other high-quality products, these shafts are made of durable aluminum. Another highlight of the product is its affordable pricing. But you do not need to worry about its quality. We are pretty sure that this option can meet the desired level of durability and performance.

Therefore, you could consider this product if you are looking for a budget-friendly item.

Nevertheless, you have to avoid handling the shaft carelessly. This is because if you drop them, this can bend or warp them. Plus, the pack does not feature O-rings for each shaft.


  • 2BA groove
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction


  • Not feature O-rings

8. Viper Spinster Yukon

Our last pick is the Viper Spinster Yukon dart shafts. This is an ideal spinning shaft for experienced players. You might not know this, but them are designed to reduce many bounce-outs due to close groupings and robin hoods.

Plus, this shaft set is available in 51 millimeters in length, which is not too short or long for any kind of darts. This also makes it accommodate too many different darts.

Moreover, the set comes with a locking hole to keep it tightened to all barrels. Furthermore, you will like this pack as it comes in various color variants, including blue, red, black, pure silver, and silver.

You can find the price tag of this product quite affordable as well.

That said, we have to say, the flights are difficult to fit into the aluminum shafts.


  • Durable aluminum body
  • Locking hole for a better fit
  • Spinning shaft


  • Flights unlikely to fit onto them.

What To Look For When Buying Dart Shafts

Types of Dart Shaft

1. Metal

They are often made of durable aluminum as it is lightweight. Today, they are regularly hollowed to eliminate the overall weight. Also, they are a traditional kind of shaft. However, they do not hold flights well all the time. They tend to be too loose or too tight. That said, these metal ones are exceptionally durable and sturdy.

2. Nylon

They are one of the latest kinds of shafts. These are flexible and lightweight.

Thanks to that, they need to be tightened to ensure they hold the flights. And you might need to purchase locking rings as well. They are quite identical to the plastic shafts as well.

3. Carbon fiber

The ones made of carbon fiber are proven to have high durability and be amazingly robust. Moreover, they appear to be weightless at all. They are likely to weigh nothing.

Their performance is excellent, but they can cost you a small fortune in comparison to other options.

4. Spinning

These ones are made to spin while being thrown. It is known that the rotation helps the darts fly straighter. Plus, they also let the darts land against each other on your board.


The shaft length has an impact on the way you throw the darts. Therefore, if you want to hold them close to the end, along shaft will likely give better results. On the other hand, you’d better consider short shafts if you need to hold the darts close to the front. This is because the weight will sit close to the tip.

If the darts are too long, they will surely wobble. Plus, the flights can be hard to predict as well. You will have to pay attention to the piece sizes.


The shaft thread has to fit the dart barrel. Hence, the pieces should fit together. Moreover, you’d better consider what kind of thread the dart barrel comes with as well.

Kind of Shaft

It is necessary to test the darts with various kinds of shafts before making the final decision. Professional players will regularly go for a strong type of shaft. If you do not know, you could try to find the most suitable one for your playing style.


You may not know this, but they’ materials also significantly affect the dart handles. Hence, you should think about both advantages and disadvantages of the shaft set in question carefully before buying it. Plus, it will balance out better if the dart barrel has a similar material to the shaft.


In case you want to replace your shafts and keep the remaining parts of your darts, you should choose them matching the colors. Whenever they match each other, they will look greatly neater and more professional. Therefore, consider which colors your shafts will come in.

Number of the included shafts

Whether you are a dart newbie or an experienced player, you have to ensure you have a great deal on the new shafts. The more you get in a package, the better your opportunities are to keep playing.

Extra features

There are some other features that you could consider for the perfect dart shafts. First, you can look for a shaft set that has O-rings. They are used as buffers between the barrel and shafts. Thanks to that, neither of them get damaged when being put together. Also, O-rings can keep them significantly fastened. Thereby, they will not fall apart during your games.

Another critical feature you should remember is the groove. It will help you get a better grip to make more precise throws. This is a big plus point for dart novices.

Taking Care of Your Dart Shafts

You know, after you use them continuously, the darts can comfortably wear and tear, which results in cracks. You even have to replace them. Besides, if the dart sustains any damage, it will harm the flights.

Therefore, you’d better inspect the situation of the darts after several weeks of use. If you are a regular player, you should check more frequently than this.


Which length is ideal for a dart newbie?

You know, shorter shafts are often more forgiving than those which are longer. This makes them great for newbies. Certainly, there’s no wrong or right answer to the dart length because every player has his personal preference. The best way is to try every shaft to find out the most suitable one for you.

Which materials suit steel tips?

If you want to play with the darts with steel tips, you should go for aluminum-made shafts. This is because aluminum is highly durable to handle extra momentum, weight, and fast stops coming with the darts with steel tips.

How to find a shaft that can fit the barrel?

Well, we would say, every shaft is threaded like a screw. In case you get a barrel already and are seeking a new shaft to match it, you should look carefully at the barrel size. The popular shaft thread now is 2BA. This thread will match many barrels. That said, please keep in mind to check everything carefully before making the last buying decision.

Final Thoughts

So you have finished our reviews of the best dart shafts. Have you got any choice in your mind? If yes, we hope that you will have great games with them. If not, you could consider our top pick – the MAXMAU Dart Shafts Darts for its fantastic performance. We are pretty sure you could enjoy dart matches with this pack.

Anyway, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box below if you have any other ideas.

Thank you for reading.

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