Reviews of the Best Dart Flights to Buy for Beginners & Pros

If you often play darts with family and friends, you’ll know the importance of a perfect dart to score high points to win the game. One of the things that helps your darts fly in the right direction is the best dart flights.

In diverse markets, it is challenging for users to find suitable ones. So let’s explore the top list, buying guides from us for the right purchase decision.

First of all, it is a question about dart flights, you may ask.

Best Dart Flights – Quick Comparison

Do Flights Make A Difference In Darts?

Yes, they do. These are the reasons you need flights to play the game excitedly and score better.

First, the flight stabilizes darts on the horizontal axis while flying. Without it, the dart quickly leans forward and begins to spin.

Therefore, the flight with a unique design offers good symmetry and spread to help the dart fly in the right direction.

Next, the flight also helps the dart go through the air faster and more powerful to bring you good scores. You should choose a small and smooth flight to assist the dart in passing through the air quickly. When you need to make darts fly slower to attack angles, you should use a massive flight with more textures.

One thing to note is the weight of the flight. Although it takes up a small portion of the dart weight, you should find the appropriate type to get high performance.

For example, you use a large and heavy flight for a long shaft, steel tip dart, and soft lobe to fly slowly and gain momentum when your dart descends to the board. With a small and light flight, you should mount for a short shaft and soft tip to achieve a hard and straight shot.

Reviews of the Best Dart Flights For Beginners & Pros

1. Harrows Retina Black

-8% Sale
5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim
  • THICK AND DURABLE FLIGHT! With 100 micron thick flight, your flights will last...
  • TRUSTED NAME IN DARTING. Harrow’s has been one of the top names in darting...
  • DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE. The unique design has two features. The outer display is...

From 1973 to now, Harrow helped develop the dartboard game for millions of players worldwide. The company produces many great darts and accessories. One of them is the Harrows Retina Black.

This model has a unique design with two features. The outer part is laminated with 100 microns thick for strength and toughness, while the central texture display offers more accurate and consistent throws.

As a result, your flights can last longer, bend less, but not increase much weight for the darts. Not only that, but you will also like the sleek and stylish patterns of these products, although they are relatively cheap. It is a perfect combination of design and performance.

Be warned: It may be challenging to get on the dart shaft. Once you put these ones in place, they hold up well.

Overall, this model is an excellent flight for someone who throws darts in a hard, straight line as opposed to a parabolic curve.


  • Very durable
  • Sturdy build
  • Sleek design
  • Good stability


  • A bit longer

2. IgnatGames

PerfectDarts 10 x Sets Harrows Rapide X Mixed Colour Dart...
  • Harrows Slim Shape Flight
  • Extra Strong
  • 100 Micron
  • 10 Sets (30 Flights) - Random Variety Mixed Pack

These IgnatGames flights are made of PET material, so they are quite thick and durable to resist damage. This quality material also increases speed and reduces drag, providing flight accuracy per shot.

There are ten packs with 30 standard-size pieces separated nicely to organize and store safely in a bag easily. Not only that, but you also have several unique designs to add more fun to the game.

The best part is six black plastic flight protectors. They save these ones from incoming darts while playing, keep flights in a square shape, and improve throwing speed.

One downside is the wrench. When trying to tighten soft tips, you’ll find the hole too large to get a hold of them.

Despite this, this kit has a variety of flights and darts and useful tools for your different dart setups. Bring home one to start the game with your family now!


  • Excellent quality
  • Great fit
  • Solid and nice look
  • Easy to use


  • A bit pricey

3. Winmau Rhino

IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories – Comprehensive...
  • Tune-up Your Darts Game: Choose between 6 different shapes of darts flights for...
  • Gain More Accuracy: The 2 different aluminum dart shafts lengths (1.73 and 1.97...
  • Don't Waste Time Fixing Your Shafts: The darts accessories set contains 6 shafts...
  • Boost Your Flights' Lifespan: The 2 sets of flight protectors (6 in total) help...
  • Keep Your Dart Set In Perfect Condition: An excellent dart tool that helps you...

When it comes to products related to the dartboard, you can count on the Winmau Rhino brand. Here are its top-rated flights, the Winmau Rhino.

There are three non-standard flight sets in the package for the separate use of up to three players. The flights in this package are quite sturdy at a very reasonable price.

The large fins keep the shaft stable, and the lack of texture assists faster speed. Additionally, these ones have some exciting prints and are suitable for a variety of shafts for those who prefer customization.

These flights are thicker than traditional types so they can last longer, maintain proper shape and speed. Besides, thick materials also help stick to the shaft without flying out after throwing.

However, one complaint is that they fall apart after a few uses.

If you want flights that hold up pretty well with heavy use, let’s choose this model. They won’t let you down.


  • Outstanding quality
  • Sturdy and thick
  • Nice fit
  • Well-constructed


  • A bit high price

4. Red Dragon

-25% Sale
Niubixx Standard Dart Flights 30 Sets 90 Pcs Durable PET and...
  • ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES - Darts flights are consumable items so even if you are a...
  • TUNE UP YOUR DARTS - A Treasured find for any darts lovers, these standard...
  • UPGRADED PREMIUM QUALITY – Made from thick and durable polyester material,...
  • GOOD COMPATIBILITY – Suitable for both steel and soft plastic tip darts, easy...
  • GOOD COMPATIBILITY – Suitable for both steel and soft plastic tip darts, easy...

Another brand of dart flights is waiting for you. They are the Red Dragon.

You will love the modern design and the fantastic colors of these flights. The highlight of this model is its extra thickness of 100 microns. So these sturdy products can last longer to help you gain high scores in the dartboard game.

Not to mention, a large surface area of this model can give better stability in the air to reduce the wobble of darts. More than that, these standard ones can work with any dart from your collection.

The only issue is the color. The image shows orange models, but they are yellow.

If you want excellent flights that can last longer, this model is an excellent choice for you.


  • Firm and nice design
  • Vibrant colors
  • Great quality


  • No orange color in the pack

5. CC-Exquisite

RED DRAGON Hardcore Selection Pack Black V Extra Thick...
  • Hardcore Black V Selection Pack
  • 4 sets per pack (12 flights in total)
  • Standard shape dart flights
  • Extra Thick quality flights
  • 100 micron thickness

With a variety of dart accessories, the CC-Exquisite Darts Accessories Kit is a perfect solution to replace damaged equipment during playing dartboard games. You and your family or friends don’t have to stop the game in the middle because of broken darts.

What’s in the package?

You will have 18 extremely thick flights, six durable aluminum shafts, and six rubber O-rings pre-installed to prevent the shaft from becoming loose. These accessories are suitable for popular dart sets, so you can mix and create a unique game.

Both experts and amateurs can set up darts for their throwing and practice very quickly. Depending on the habits and needs, players can change the shaft length and the flight shape to make the darts aiming more accurately.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the standard flights only when needed. You should pay for the whole kit.

It is said that this great little kit provides everything you need for your board. Come to buy and enjoy dart-throwing now!


  • Comfortable use
  • Sturdy design
  • Heavy duty
  • Good quality


  • The shaft may not be straight


With plastic materials and a simple design, these flights from Ruthless are significantly light and suitable for high-speed players. Also, the quality of construction helps it to not break or deform easily, even for tightly grouped darts.

Moreover, they hold the shaft well, so you don’t need to change the flight too often. But you should remember to check the size. These flights may be larger than standard flights throwing off the balance of your darts.

If you want to gain high scores, do not hesitate to take these flights to make your dart fly longer and aim more accurately.


  • Good material
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Well-made


  • You may receive an incorrect flight quantity.

7. Niubixx

This model has 90 pieces with 30 different designs, so you can use them for a long time without worrying about broken flights. It’s excellent for beginners to practice playing this game.

What’s more?

Thick and durable polyester material increases stiffness and reduces stretches and bends. As such, you have perfect balance and fast speed for stable and accurate flight.

Furthermore, you can use these flights with both steel and soft plastic darts, easy to install with all shafts and flight protections. Last but not least, the manufacturer ensures a return with a full refund or free replacement if you are not satisfied with these products.

However, these flights may not stay in the shaft because of their thin body.

Despite the shortcomings, it’s so great for you to mix these flights up when you have various groups or a big family playing different game styles.


  • Good quality
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use


  • Pretty thin

8. PerfectDarts

CC-Exquisite Darts Accessories Kit with Shafts and Flights -...
  • TUNE UP YOUR DARTS with CC-Exquisite High-Quality Accessories and ENHANCE YOUR...
  • THE PERFECT ACCESSORY KIT for Professionals and Beginners allows you to...
  • DARTS SERVICE KIT includes 18 Extra Thick Flights (Standard/Slim), 6 Strong and...
  • SUITABLE FOR STEEL TIP and SOFT/PLASTIC TIP Darts, the 2BA Shaft Threads and the...
  • PERFORMANCE AND VERSATILITY! If you are looking to replace your current set of...

Coming up next is the PerfectDarts Harrows Rapide X Dart Flights. What can you expect from this model?

First off, this model has a slim shape, which is different from other products in our top list. The thin and slender design forms a sharp point toward the shaft.

They are lighter than the standard type and lack stability, so they can’t stay in the air long. However, you can use these products comfortably with light darts, and these flights are perfect choices for those who like to throw hard at fast speeds.

You will own products with beautiful colors and unique patterns, bringing high-quality flights. Moreover, the thickness of 100 microns helps you to practice without worrying about damage.

Lastly, we recommend this fantastic model for someone who wants sharp and outstanding color flights for their darts.


  • Nice color and design
  • Effective and robust
  • Good quality


  • Quite pricey


-7% Sale
Arachnid Professional Series 90% Tungsten 18-Gram Soft Tip...
  • Ultra dense tungsten alloy makes thinner darts for higher scoring and better...
  • SideRider Case clips to your belt
  • 18 gram
  • One year warranty against defects. The ARACHNID trademark is a registered...

We have another selection of dart kits for you. With careful design and well-engineered components, this stylish set offers optimum balance, speed, and weight.

These soft tip darts have the ideal grip to help you hone your skills. You also have a full range of accessories to replace and fix any dart issues.

It’s so great for users to customize the accessory configuration to find the best combination that suits the style and capabilities of each team member. Like other dart sets, these products are designed for players of many levels.

One thing to note is that these darts may fall out of the board.

All in all, they are an excellent set for beginners. Do you want to own one to join the game now?


  • Good weight and feel
  • Great work
  • Smooth and precise throw


  • Short case

10. Arachnid

SHOT TAKER CO. EST. 2017 Soft Tip Darts Set - Professional...
  • MULTIPLE SET-UP OPTIONS: Discover the perfect dart combination for your personal...
  • PLAY WITH THE BRAND YOU CAN COUNT ON: Our products are made to last and...
  • ENJOY THE GREAT PROMOTION - Discover your ideal professional dartboard and darts...

Here comes our last suggestion. Let’s meet these Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts.

How good are they?

These flights made from super thick tungsten alloy can help darts score higher with better control. You have three darts with three spare flights, three additional shafts, seven extra points, and a luxurious case of SideRider.

Because the darts are thin, you need to throw a few rounds with this dart to control the flight line with the target. At this point, you will see your groups become much tighter.

Another remarkable feature of this product is the case. It can be clamped to your waist for convenient storage when away from home. Finally, you have one year of warranty to protect the product against defects.

You may find it annoying when reattaching the flight after some throws.

Beyond this, this package is ideal for entry-level players. You have everything you need, including shafts, points, flights, and darts.


  • Well-built
  • Balanced weight
  • Accurate and firm
  • Perfect grip


  • Thin barrel

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing The Flights

If you want to find the best dart flights for excellent support, do not forget to check out these features.

Size And Texture

You can follow the general rule. You use large flights for steel tip darts or when you like to loft or throw darts comfortably. On the contrary, you choose small flights for soft tip darts or for users who want to throw hard.

Note that when the shaft and flight are in balance, your darts fly in the right way with lots of power.

You should also consider the product structure. Smooth flights can produce less drag and fly faster than textured flights.



Heavy flights are more durable, and their spread is not compromised with extended use. There are four levels of weight for you, including:

The 75-micron flight is ideal for beginners and public use. The most used type on the market is a 100-micron flight.

When you want to increase the strength and durability to attack the corner, choose the 150-micron type. Finally, for those who prefer the most robust and most massive type, the manufacturer offers molded plastic to stay at 90 degrees and tighten to the shaft.


You can choose one of five common types. The standard model is for players who don’t like to experiment while the kite shape helps them to increase control.

If you need lifting force from a small area, choose a drop shape. In case you want to improve the dart stability while holding the tail down, the lantern can meet your needs.

Finally, the shape of the number 6 is easy to forgive, so it’s suitable for all players who need a maximum lift and excellent stability.


You can choose different prices and quantities. The package with many parts of darts may not have high quality and is used for social occasions.

Besides, professional players need to spend around $30 for the premium pack while amateur players can own a five-pack option with 15 flights with the price under $15.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Set Up A Dart Flight?

You insert a dart flight at the end of the dart to keep the dart flying steadily.

It’s easy to set up a dart flight. You take a flight from the holder, open it out to make sure it’s nice and square.

Then locate the slots and push the flight back. You should be familiar with the bottom of the dart cane design to load the flight in place properly.

The tip here is to use flights in pear, kite, and slim shape for mild darts with a weight of 22g or less. You need a large flight for a heavy dart to increase stability.

2. How Can You Save Your Flights From Damage?

Although flights are the last things to be damaged in darts, here are some ways you can use to save your flights.

Firstly, you can use a thicker flight. Or you can puncture the flight, place the champagne ring, and set up the shaft to make it fit tightly.

You can also find the dart with a ring at the bottom of the flight to keep the flight safe and secure.


3. Does The Flight Area Have An Impact?

Yes, it does. There is a link between the flight area and how the darts fly. Large flights have many areas to touch the air, so they make the dart flight speed slow. For small flights with few places touching the air, their position in the air becomes unstable, and also the air resistance is low. As a result, darts have a straight trajectory and a fast speed.

4. Which Dart Weight Is Best?

You know what? The heavy darts offer comfortable throws, while light darts are ideal for players who want to use more power.

The darts with steel tips weigh from 18gm to 32gm (22-23gm is the most popular and 24gm is for beginners.) The darts with soft tips weigh from 14gms to 20gm, even up to 25gm. (18gm is the most common.)

5. When Do You Need To Change The Flights?

You need to play a few dartboard games with some flights to know when to replace them. In case you see your dart wobbling or flying unstable, you should replace a new flight for your dart.

Let’s Enjoy Your Dartboard Games!

You can see the variety of dart flights after checking out our review. Please note the essential features of this product category and choose for themselves the most suitable ones.

In our opinion, we choose the Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights as our top pick. They provide us with a sturdy build, sleek design, and excellent stability. We have great flights for throwing darts in a straight, hard line to gain more scores.

How about you? Which product will you choose from the top list? Please share your comments and experience here.

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