What Are The Best Dart Flight Protectors In 2021?

In this article, we will reveal the best dart flight protectors. When reading this line, some questions might already pop up in your head: Why would I need such a strange tool? Is it necessary?

To put it simply, flight protectors are an accessory of the dart game, slotting onto the end of dart flights. These items are tiny, but their role is significant. They deflect and protect your flights from the darts’ sharp points, eliminating any risk of damage.

Without further ado, let’s check out the top five dart flight protectors below for useful information.

Best Dart Flight Protectors Per Category

#1 Scott Edward Dart Flight Protector – best stability

Scott Edward Dart Flight Protectors Aluminum Flights Sleeves...
  • Multi-color, 15 pcs packed, Mix color: red black brass
  • Snug fit, protect the darts flight,save many flights and many shafts
  • Do a good job of maintaining the shape of flight
  • Adding weights to the flight, help keeping the flights squared up
  • Aluminum protectors, prevent the dart from rear-ending and damage the dart

Our top pick product is the Scott Edward dart flight protector. It has many distinct features which give it the edge over its competitors, one of which is its stability.

The design of the dart flight protector is unique. It takes the shape of a rectangle with a small notch near the tip, making it very firm and stable for the flight. Also, this item is a bit flatter than its counterparts, so they can fit your flights snugly to keep them in shape.

The high-quality aluminum also adds weight to the flights, ensuring that the flights are perfectly kept in shape. This material contributes to the maintenance of the shape of your flights. Now that you can play darts freely without having to readjust the dart repeatedly.

There are five colors available for this item: blue, red, black, brass, and silver. You can pick your favorite and mix it with your flights!

However, the high price might be a bit off-putting. But as people say, you get what you pay for. You won’t regret it when purchasing this splendid product!


  • Stability
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Many colors available


  • A little pricey

#2 Cyeelife 9PCS Dart Flight Protector – best effectiveness

CyeeLife 9PCS Aluminium Dart Flight Protector Black Dart...
  • 🔥This is a Dart flight Protector accessory(9PCS,No flights) ,This is a...
  • 🔥It can keeps the Flights in the shape of a cross.
  • 🔥Due to the small gap, there is a risk of damage to the Flights during...

The second candidate on our top list is the Cyeelife 9PCS dart flight protector. This accessory is famous for its effectiveness.

Like most dart flight protectors, the main function of this product is to protect the dart flight. But this particular dart accessory has extra features. It can keep your flights in the shape of a cross, reducing the chances of your flights getting damaged or misshapen.

Also, the dart products of this brand are used by many professional players. You can rest assured about the quality of these items.

The diameter of this dart accessory is ideal. Its size is 120 microns, which can fit most darts and ensure the stability of your flights.

Because of the small gap, there might be some risks of damage when installing the darts. Please pay extra attention to this.


  • Keeping the flights in the shape of a cross
  • Used by many professional players
  • Ideal-sized diameter


  • Risks of damage during installation

#3 Winmau Dart Flight Protector – best design

The next protector we want to recommend is a very familiar one – the Winmau dart flight protector.

This particular product earns a plus point for its stylish design. It has a bullet shape, which looks very cool and matches your different colored dart flights well. The dart flight protector has a knurled design, making it easy to grip. Aside from that, the dart accessory’s color is silver, which is very pleasant to the eyes.

Another worth mentioning feature of this dart flight protector is its lightweightness. It only weighs 0.16 ounces, much lighter than its counterparts. Now you need not worry about the weight of this dart accessory affecting your performance.

And you know what – this protector has an aerodynamic design. Now that you can fully enjoy the dart game!

Remarkable as this dart accessory is its high-price. But once you get to purchase this product, you will certainly want to buy more!


  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic


  • A little costly

#4 Tezoro 12PCS Dart Flight Protector – best versatility

Tezoro 4 Colors(12 pcs) Long Life Standard Dart Flights...
  • Price for 4 sets of 3 dart flights protectors (12 total)
  • Reduces wear and tear on your flights, keeps flights square
  • Durable Aluminum Protectors, Fits all flight shapes, types, and materials
  • Made by Tezoro, will come with Original Package with Tezoro Trademarks

If you are looking for a versatile dart flight protector, the product from the brand Tezoro is a perfect choice.

The ideal size is what contributes to its versatility. Its dimensions are 5 x 3 x 0.1 inches. Its weight is 0.32 ounces, making this product perfectly suitable for flights of all sizes, shapes, and materials. You will no longer have to rack your brain to find the right kind of protector for your dart flights.

The dart flight protector is made of aluminum, so it is quite sturdy. Thus, it can keep your flights square as well as reduce wear and tear on them.

These items also come in four different colors, namely blue, red, black, and silver. You can mix and match with your dart flights according to your preference.

We do give this product one minus point for its high price. But considering all its outstanding features, it is a worthwhile investment.


  • Versatility
  • Keeping flights square
  • Many colors available


  • A bit expensive

#5 Unicorn Silver Dart Flight Protector – best durability

Last but not least, the Unicorn Silver dart flight protector is also worth looking at. We regard this product highly for its durability.

Unlike its competitors, this dart accessory is made of high-quality metal. Thus, the item boasts greater durability than its counterparts, which are mainly made of aluminum.

Besides, the installation of this particular dart item is a total breeze. Due to its small size (2.99 x 2.91 x 0.12 inches). Even if you are a novice at installing, it will not be a problem at all.

With its remarkable features, you might expect the price to be a bit high. Not at all – this dart flight protector is reasonably priced, so you need not worry about your wallet.

We give this product one minus point, however. The dart flight protector is quite heavy (0.64 ounces), so it is a bit inconvenient.


  • Durability
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price


  • A bit heavy

Buying Guide

The dart game is very entertaining to play, but it is quite complicated. It consists of a lot of accessories, including dart flight protectors. If you do not choose the right kind of item, your dart flights will be damaged next to no time. With that in mind, we want to give you some detailed guidelines below to help you purchase the best dart flight protectors.


First and foremost, you should consider the design of dart flight protectors. In this case, we would recommend you buy a light and aerodynamic flight protector. Dart flight protectors of this kind are not only easier to use, but they also do not affect the path of your flights.

Also, it is advisable to buy a rounded tip for aerodynamics rather than a flat tip. It will keep the path of your darts flight the same so that your performance will not be affected.


There are many designs and shapes, each of which is unique in its way. For example, the Winmau dart flight protector we have reviewed above has the shape of a bullet. Meanwhile, the Scott Edward one takes the shape of a rectangle. So you should consider choosing the right shape of dart flight protectors to meet your preference and needs.


Quality is another criterium worth considering. A good dart flight protector is usually more lightweight, indicating that it is made of high-quality material. Meanwhile, substandard dart flight protectors tend to be heavier and more prone to getting damaged when they bounce or fall on the ground.


Usually, many brands offer a lot of different colors for dart flight protectors. The most common colors used are silver and black, but you can also mix your flights with other colors. For example, the Tezoro 12 PCS dart flight protectors we reviewed above are available in four beautiful colors.


More often than not, the more expensive products tend to be of better quality than the cheaper ones. Although it might not always be true, you should be careful with the cheap protectors.


This criterion is partly down to preference. Most dart flight protectors are made of either aluminum or metal. Those made of aluminum are more lightweight meanwhile the metal ones are more durable than others.


So, which one will be your choice? We are confident that our article already provides you with a lot of useful information to purchase the best dart flight protectors.

If you have not made up your mind about which product to buy yet, you can go for our top pick – the Scott Edward dart flight protector. Or, if you prefer a very cool, stylish one, the product from the brand Winmau will be a perfect choice.

Thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a lot of fun playing darts.

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