The Best Dart Board Backboards: Which One Would You Pick Up?

As you may know, whether you are a beginner or a pro, there are several errant darts that are likely to end up in your wall. Trust us when we say, these unsightly marks will become worse and worse with time.

In this case, dartboard backboards will be your saviors that offer various benefits. They not only protect the wall but also save the darts from damages and add an aesthetic look to your dart setup.

You might not know that, but the dartboard backings are available in various sizes, material compositions, and shapes on the current market. This will make you confused when choosing the right one.

To help everything much easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best dartboard backboards. But first, we will take a look at the reasons for having a dartboard backboard. Let’s dive into it now.

Best Dart Board Backboards – Quick Comparision

Why You Need A Dart Board Backboard?

As you might know, the obvious benefit of dartboard backboards is to keep the wall from being Swiss cheese. Along with that, there are other big advantages that you should know about these backboards.

Here they are:

1. Wall Guard

Have you ever seen a wall that is full of holes? Would you like your wall to be like that? It is probably not, isn’t it?

Furthermore, you know, if you get more holes in your wall, this will likely lead to many damages, especially if it is plaster.

And the cost to fix the wall is not small at all, which is even higher than the cost when you buy a new simple backboard. Therefore, it would be better if you spend extra to save your wall!

Protect the Darts

Whenever you miss the dartboards or hit the wall, we are pretty sure that the thought as follows will cross over your mind immediately: “No, I will have to buy another dart!”

You see, that’s why we need to buy dartboard backboards. They are important. They will protect your darts, and you will not have to buy a new one.


You know, dart boards that hang on your wall do not look good and seldom fit the whole feel of your room. With nice-looking backboards, the dartboards will appear better.

Review of the Best Dart Board BackBoards

#1. Dart-Stop 29 inch Professional Dart Board Backboard

Dart-Stop 36 inch Burgundy Octagon Pro Dart Board Back Board...
  • TRUSTED QUALITY. EXPERIENCE | Built to the highest standard. Created to Last a...
  • MORE THAN WALL PROTECTION | Enhance your Darts Experience. Symmetrical Dartboard...
  • QUICK REGULATION HEIGHT | Just Two Measurements. Secure. Steel-Reinforced Wall...
  • ENGINEERED to PERFORM | Sturdy 3/4 inch Thick Wood; 1 inch Overall. Plush...
  • BRISTLE OR ELECTRONIC DARTBOARDS | Hang your E-Dartboard with its native...

The runner-up is a great alternative for the Dart-Stop 36-inch backboard. Different from the former, the product comes with a small backboard size. Plus, it’s less pricey in comparison to the 36-inch version.

The backboard features stucco, wood, drywall, masonry, concrete, and plaster. This helps you to mount the unit on every wall with no stress.

Plus, this option has comprehensive wall-mounting guidelines for new users. Also, it does have steel-reinforced points of mounting for better wall attachment.

Like the 36-inch variant, the Dart-Stop 29-inch dartboard backboard is highly durable and accompanies you for a long time.

The remaining features are identical to those of its bigger model.

#2. Viper 41-0602

Dart-Stop 29 inch Black Octagon Pro Dart Board Backboard |...
  • TRUSTED QUALITY. EXPERIENCE | Built to the highest standard. Created to Last a...
  • MORE THAN WALL PROTECTION | Enhance your Darts Experience. Symmetrical Dartboard...
  • QUICK REGULATION HEIGHT | Just Two Measurements. Secure. Steel-Reinforced Wall...
  • ENGINEERED to PERFORM | Sturdy 3/4 inch Thick Wood; 1 inch Overall. Plush...
  • BRISTLE OR ELECTRONIC DARTBOARDS | Hang your E-Dartboard with its native...

The Viper Luxurious Dartboard Backboard is built with mahogany, which could make the Ron Burgundy blush. We would say, it’s a timeless backboard with more space to save your wall.

Besides, this is a great wall protector on the current market, which is suitable for those who want the dart area to have a classy look and just begin playing careers.

When it comes to the backboard speculations, it measures the size of 29-inch L x 29-inch W x 1-inch D. And this product can fit any type of standard dartboard.

Nevertheless, the Viper Wood Framed does not have a place or scoreboard to hold darts.


  • Provides cool touch to every room with Dart mahogany finish
  • Easy to set up thanks to mounting hardware
  • Fit many conventional dartboards and some e-dartboards
  • Deliver highly durable felt to cover the missed throws


  • Big surface area is great for novices and those who play with the first-timers
  • Set up like a breeze


  • Not have a place or scoreboard to hold darts

#3. Viper 41-0605

-25% Sale
Viper Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard, Dark Mahogany Finish
  • Dartboard backboard features a luxurious dark mahogany finish, complementing...
  • Constructed of MDF wood and is equipped with a durable black felt backing which...
  • Measures 29" L x 29" W x 1" D and fits most traditional sisal fiber bristle...
  • Includes mounting hardware, making installation easy; Dartboard sold seprately

The next position belongs to the Multi-Piece Darting Backboard Set. What we are impressed with this product is that it includes everything that you might want.

That said, we would say, the set’s three pieces aren’t connected. The set could hold four different dart sets and another flight set if you want to replace the worn-out darts.

Also, it comes with a dry-erase scoreboard comprised of a black felt and mahogany backboard.

Any cons? We would say Yes. The three pieces of this set take up much space on the wall. Therefore, if you have modest wall space, you’d better consider other options.


  • Three different pieces comprising of the scoreboard, dart holder, and backboard
  • All pieces feature a mahogany finish
  • Hold four full dart sets consisting of a flight pouch that can be removed
  • Fit many dartboards
  • Easy to install with built-in mounting hardware


  • Big surface area for improved wall protection for beginners
  • Big dart storage and scoreboard


  • Take up much space on the wall

#4. Viper 41-0614

-18% Sale
Viper by GLD Products Defender Dartboard Surround Wall...
  • Safeguard Your Wall - Durable 1” thick EVA foam prevents your darts from...
  • Reversible - Backside is jet black so it can be easily flipped to prolong the...
  • Universal Compatibility - Works with both 18” and 17.75” sisal dart boards,...
  • Protect Your Darts - Catches your darts and protects them when playing on harder...
  • Quick Setup - Simply snap the segments together and mount it around your...

If you are seeking a big rectangle of foam for your wall protection? Well, we do recommend the Viper Defender III for you. The option fits any 18-inch or 17.75-inch board and offers two sq of wall protection.

This is not as pleasing as other boards. That said, if you are novices or the game room is not about style, this padding will offer your wall comprehensive protection. Also, it is quite easy to set up the board, like many models of the brand Viper.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, this option will not be the one for those who are looking for a backboard with a professional-style design.


  • Be compatible with 18-inch and 17.75-boards, which provides greater versatility
  • One-inch foam across two sq ft for improved wall protection
  • Velvet surface can hide marks from the missed throws significantly
  • Highly reversible for long lifespan


  • Reversible backboard to accompany you for years
  • Fit both 18-inch or 17.75-inch board to offer flexibility if you do not remember which you bought years ago


  • Not aesthetically pleasing like many other boards.

#5. Cork Dart Board Backer 36x2x1 Inches

Viper by GLD Products Defender III Extended Length Dartboard...
  • Accommodates Both Standard 17. 75 Inch And 18 Inch Bristle Dartboard
  • Provides 8. 2 Square Feet Of Protection, With A 1 Inch Thick High-Density V-Foam
  • An Attractive Velvet Surface Minimizes Signs Of Wear
  • Easy To Assemble Compression Fitting Requires No Additional Bracing, Mounting...

Our last pick is the Cork Dart Backboard. What we like about this product most is its ease of setting up on the wall. Also, it is an ideal choice for those who have a tight budget.

The Jelinek Dartboard Backer is made of cork, which is a material used in windowless bars. However, it can work well and come with a specific charm to it.

Also, it stands out with huge size, making it amazingly efficient, especially for its price.

The product covers an incredible six sq ft of wall space.

It is not challenging to mount even when you have never mounted before. Plus, it can work with any kind of dartboard, but it is particularly great with e-dart boards.

Nevertheless, as the backboard is only 0.5 inches in thickness, therefore, several darts, even soft tip ones, can pierce it and damage the wall.

Plus, it is prone to breaking and ripping as well, especially at its edges. Not to mention, it can get damaged when being transported.


  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable price
  • Come with huge size with 6sq ft of wall space
  • Mounting is easy
  • Work with many kinds of dartboards.


  • Deliver a big area coverage
  • Affordable price tag
  • Ease of mounting


  • Extremely fragile
  • Get damaged when being transported.

#6. Viper 41-0612

-47% Sale
Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard Set,...
  • Made from MDF with a mahogany finish
  • Black felt backing to protect the wall from missed darts
  • 1 panel with dry erase scoreboard
  • 1 panel with removable flight pouch
  • Holds 4 complete sets of darts & fits most dartboards

This is an original version of the Viper Defender lineup. It fits a 17.775-inch bristle and provides you with an extra 5-inch layer of protection. Plus, its black hue and circular design make this option a professional-style addition to your game room.

On top of that, the backboard features a big velvet surface. Besides, this backing can reduce signs of wear. You will not need any extra mounting tool as its compression fit can tightly hold around the board.

The product is also reversible completely, which enhances its lifespan. Therefore, you will more time to enjoy this backboard. It is safe to say this option is economical with a budget-friendly price.

It is made out of V foam, which provides an ideal combination of flex and rigidity. These factors eliminate the bounce-outs and turn your game interesting and enjoyable.

That said, we would say, there are still several darts that puncture the walls.


  • Fit 17.75-inch dartboards
  • Offer 5-inches of wall protection
  • Completely reversible
  • Made of V-foam


  • Several darts puncture the walls.

#7. Dart-Stop 36 inch Professional Dart Board Backboard

-12% Sale
Cork Dart Board Backer 36x24x1 Inches
  • Dart board backer protects both the darts and the wall from damage
  • 100% natural cork material; renewable and environmentally friendly
  • Large surface area protects wall and darts by preventing bouncing
  • Nature of cork minimizes signs of wear and allows darts to stick with ease
  • Dimensions: 36x24x1 inches -- not mounting hardware included

It is safe to say the Dart-Stop 36 inch Professional is an ideal companion for the dartboard. It stands out with its perfect wall protection. Thanks to the fabric finish “No holes,” the backboard does not show any dart hole. Also, there is a wood frame that is marred by the dart holes.

And if you are seeking for a professional-look backboard, the Dart-Stop 36 inch Professional might be the one. It is made of high-end materials. Accordingly, its backing is three-quarters inch thick wood that is lined with one-quarter inch this plush. This design makes it quite durable.

In particular, the plush ensures its look remains pristine, along with keeping the wood from being damaged. On top of that, its appearance is also incredible. While its octagonal shape looks sleek, the colors it is available in, including black, tan, and burgundy are classy.

Also, it’s too challenging to mount despite its weight. The system of mounting is superior, as reliable and durable as the remaining of the board.

That said, it does not fit every dartboard despite the claim of the manufacturer. And if you want to find a backboard for the e-dart board, you should skip this choice.


  • Professional look
  • Highly durable backboard
  • The octagonal shape looks sleek
  • The plush ensures its look remains pristine


  • High-end materials
  • Durable and thick
  • Easy to assemble
  • Classy color design
  • Meet professional standards


  • Not for e-dart boards

What To Look For When Buying The Best Dartboard Backboard?

You might know about the factors that affect the performance of a dartboard backboard. Now we are going to share some critical factors when buying a dartboard backboard in detail for your considerations.


It is safe to say materials greatly impact the durability and performance of a dartboard backboard. Today, the most popular materials that are used to produce backboards include:


The backboards made of cork are the most budget-friendly material. That said, they are not bad at all. They are easy to set up, lightweight, and more importantly, can accompany users for a long time. Nevertheless, this material does not deliver an aesthetically, pleasing look. The cork backboards fit well in a bar or recreational room.


Well, the wood dartboard backboards are the most-used products. But, the damage cannot be remedied easily. Therefore, this material does not provide a long lifespan for the backboard.


This material makes the dartboard backboard look more professional. Also, it will offer the space and room a luxurious feeling. Regularly, they come with a wooden core so that they can last for a long time. Another plus point is that the damage cannot be noticed on them.


The foam backboards are ideal for indoor spaces. They are amazingly light and easy to set up. Also, it looks quite sleek when being functional. However, it would be best if you do not use them in outdoor environments. They can quickly deteriorate should they dry out.

Size to fit the dartboard

When you consider buying a backboard, you should not forget to measure the dartboard precisely first. For several backboards, if there is a mistake of one-quarter inches, this can lead to a big difference and make your buying null & void. Therefore, please be careful!

Another point to remember is that several backboards just function with some specific kinds of dartboard.

Aesthetics issue

We know, although the most critical thing is the functionality of the backboard, you still should consider the design as well.

There are several different shapes of backboard for you to choose from based on your demand and preference. Currently, the dartboard backboards are available in various shapes, as follows:

  • Octagonal
  • Hexagonal
  • Rectangular
  • Round

Generally, the round back fits all the edges of the dartboard and can connect just like puzzle pieces. Meanwhile, the round choices provide less coverage than the other shapes as their surface area is significantly thinner. Some find the shape aesthetically pleasing and natural, which is suitable for their décor in their house.

Rectangular and square shapes offer a bigger coverage area. They can function with any shape or size of your dartboard. This backing is ideal for you to protect the wall.

Based on your preference, you can consider an octagon or hexagon-shaped backing. They are different and some like them rather than traditional circular or square designs.

Regularly, regulation backboards are rectangular or octagonal. If you do not need anything else that works with professional regulations, several backboards with amazing shapes might be the ones for you. They look baroque, but you can find it challenging to set them up.

Price tag

There is a rule of thumb, which is most dartboard backboard manufacturers try to rip consumers off. It is not fair, but it is only the way our open market functions.

There is not much competition, so few manufacturers can set any price they want. On average, the backboard will cost about US$50-80. There are also other more budget-friendly options out there.

And if you need proper wall protection and make the dartboard look great, you will have to pay a small extra. Well, it is definitely up to you to make a decision on which price matches all you want.


How do I hang a dartboard?

Well, you could attach your dartboard on the backboard by adding a dartboard screw into the dartboard bracket. Also, some models can be fixed to the backboard effortlessly. Meanwhile, several models need mounting to your wall if you want to use them.

Which material is the best for the dartboard backboards?

There are many materials that dartboard backboards are made from. That said, the best choices come with the high-end material foam to protect the darts from hitting the floor and absorb impact.

May I frame a cork background?

You might not know, but there are some cork options out there for your needs of darting. That said, cork boards possibly wear away or show damage over time from the errant throws. Meanwhile, the foam backboards can significantly hide wear and tear.

Can I make a backboard on my own for a dartboard?

Of course, if you are clever and handy enough, you can make a unique backboard for your dartboard.

Wrapping up

So now you know the best dartboard backboards in the year 2020. In a nutshell, we prefer three outstanding products – Dart-Stop 36 inch Dart Board Backboard, Dart-Stop 29 inch Dart Board Backboard, and Viper 41-0602. Here is the brief of these three products.

Title Dart-Stop 36 inch Dart Board Backboard Dart-Stop 29 inch Dart Board Backboard Viper 41-0602
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 1 inches 29 x 29 x 1 inches
Materials Wood/Fabric Wood/Fabric Wood
Customer rating 4.9 4.7 4.6
Feature Best Overall Best Alternative Best Backboard with beautiful design

They not only provide complete protection for your wall but also are highly durable, which can accompany users for a while. And it’s time for you to decide which backboard you will go for.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know in the comment box below. Thank you for reading!

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