About Us

About Dungeons & Drafts™

One fateful day while stuck in the abysmal soul-suck that is DC Metro traffic, passing numerous sports bars on their way to their friendly local game store, Melissa and Manny were bemoaning the lack of geek friendly establishments that serve alcohol. Often it is said that nerds and geeks don’t go out or socialize.  That assumption is dead wrong; just take a look at any Comic Con. The issue is geeks DON’T have a wide variety of places to hang out.  “Where is our sports bar for geeks?!” 

After sharing this revelation, we grew passionate about making a safe haven for geeks and gamers… a place to call our own. For too long geeks have had to endure noisy sports bars and venues without readily accessible polyhedral dice, just to have a drink with friends! Well, no more! The truth is: geeks love to socialize and knock back a few drinks while we play Settlers of Catan or Warhammer. What modern club offers the type of atmosphere that encourages geeks to unwind and mingle? Dungeons & Drafts does!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fellow gamers and geeks of all ages a welcoming place to call their own. We understand that many people have unique dietary issues, and in the spirit of our mission, we will be offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free menu items. We encourage all those of an adventurous nature to explore what the world of geeks and gamers has to offer.

About the Owners

After serving in the U.S. Army for over 15 years combined, Melissa and Manny Garza continue to serve others in the search of an adventure.  Melissa and Manny enjoy playing a variety of tabletop games, novice Cosplay, awaiting the latest Doctor Who episodes, and kicking back a few hard ciders and mead.  Melissa and Manny just moved to Fort Collins with their dog Goomba, and couldn’t be more excited to live in their dream city.