I remember growing up, the first video (read: computer) game I fell in love with was Diablo. One of the primary reasons was because I could FINALLY play a butt kicking – in this case, arrow shooting- female character. At last, I didn’t have to play a fat plumber or a muscle bound hulk of testosterone-meatiness.
To this day, I rarely play a game unless I can play a female character. Which may not make sense: it doesn’t affect the game play and half the time you can’t see your character. Nevertheless, it is important to me. I know that when the video game designer made the game that for a brief second he (or less likely, she) thought about adding a female element. Granted, sometimes that thought is nothing more than“hey lets add some T&A!”, but that’s a topic for another post. I particularly like when I see a game that allows full customization of a   character, which is probably why I enjoy RPGs so much. Seeing the same vanilla male and female characters gets tiresome very quickly. You can’t tell me every single character in this imaginary world is a carbon-copy white male or white female. So, I ask you all, how important is it to you to have variety in your character choices?



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